Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Part II: Shame on Lewis Diuguid for Using a New Code Word to Slander

It's obvious the KC Red Star did not take discplinary action against Lewis Diuguid's outright slander of Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin because he's at it again.
"[I]t is no surprise to me that tens of thousands of white people spoke with one thunderous roar against my Oct. 21 Midwest Voices blog post, criticizing Sen. John McCain and his GOP presidential running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, for dredging up the old “socialist” label."

Diuguid obviously felt enough pressure from the public that he spent the following week digging for quotes and data to backup his wild allegations. To his credit, he did manage to find two books from some extreme leftist authors that try make the leap of linking investigations of suspected communists to investigations of blacks suspected of starting race riots. Of course, he doesn't let the fact that the only real link these two investigations have is that they were carried out by the FBI during J. Edgar Hoover's reign get in his way.

He closes his argument by throwing in another unrelated quote from another leftist author who talks about the privileges she's had as a white woman. I'm sure the 61% of people on welfare who are white share her feelings.

We have a couple of simple question for Lewis Diuguid.
  1. How do you come to the conclusion that all of the "tens of thousands" of complaints your article generated were from white people?
  2. You make claims that the American press has covered up the use of "socialism" as a code word for black throughout history. If you take that as fact, which we most surely do not, than how can the use of the word "socialism" today be construed as a code word for black when all of us uneducated boobs lack the knowledge to pick up on the subliminal link?

Lewis Diuguid is a blatant racist and has no place in today's media.

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Anonymous said...

Lewis Diuguid is now hanging out with the "big dogs" of racism. His name now gets to be listed alongside some of his famous "buds in the business":

William Joseph Simmons
Richard Girnt Butler
Che Guevara
Strom Thurmond
Lewis Diuguid
Adolf Hitler

Lewis, I'm sure you're a happy camper now, you racist bastard.