Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not a Shock: al Qaeda Rooting for Obama

Despite the lefts attempts to tie some random commenter's support of McCain on a web site to all of al Qaeda, the terrorist organization has officially endorsed "Not Bush's Party".
"O God, humiliate Bush and his party, O Lord of the Worlds, degrade and defy him," preached Abu Yahya al-Libi, one of the top al Qaeda commanders.

While the announcement fell short of specifically endorsing Barack Obama, Democrats can't help but be reminded of a similar endorsement in 2004, when al Qaeda came out for John Kerry. We're wondering if Democrats will still be taking them at their word.


Warm Apple Pie said...

Is this a vital front on the war on terror for you - voting against the wishes of Al Qaeda? Very nice fear-mongering with the Bin Laden photo from a Sarasota, Florida rally for Obama. Apparently, Bin Laden is indicating that the Democrats are "Number One!"

I mean come on, KC. Doesn't the ideologue cynicism get tiresome at some point? Don't you get a dirty queasiness in your tummy every time you call him Barack HUSSEIN Obama or switch that "b" to an "s" in a Freudian slip? I'm amazed we're even at this point, on the verge of an Obama presidency, with an anchor of a name like that.

Hey, how about voting for Obama as an insiduous plot to ensnare Al Qaeda in a trap of public opinion. We elect Barry. If we're attack again, we point back to this endorsement, say these Islamofascist pricks won't listen to reason and we have a justified impetus to invading the entire region, killing everyone, shock and awe, mission accomplished - all that rah-rah jingoist crap.

James said...

WAP, We would not even have posted this if sites like DailyKooks and HuffPoo hadn't ran off at the mouth about some dumbarse in a forum posting "Go McCain" and claiming al Qaeda endorses McCain.

I'm a non-interventionist, myself. I could care less who nutjob terrorists support.

George said...

Al-Qaeda for Obama. What a slogan.