Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCain Staffer Attacked, Letter 'B' Carved into Her Face or Not

A 20 year old, female, John McCain supporter was mugged and mutilated. The attacker carved the letter 'B' into her face.
[The attacker] became angry when he saw a McCain bumper sticker on the victim's car. The attacker then punched and kicked the victim, before using the knife to scratch the letter "B" into her face.

The open-minded, liberal attacker assaulted the woman in Pittsburgh, PA where racist, rednecks still cling to their guns and religion.

UPDATE: The real photo of the victim has been published. It's looking like her attacker was a product of an inner city public school judging by the dyslexic use of the letter 'B'.

UPDATE: Police now calling the attack a "hate crime".

UPDATE 10/24: PA Police are saying there are some inconsistencies in Ashley Todd's story. They will be administering a polygraph later today. Interestingly, police failed to gather photographic evidence of victim's wounds at the scene. Our opinion, like most of these so-called "hate crimes," they often turn out to be hoaxes.

UPDATE: Confirmed hoax. Time to charge and prosecute her for filing a false report, fraud, and whatever else they can come up with.


Merge Divide said...

First off... why are you posting a false photo, and where did you find it?

Call me a cynic… but if I’m going to rob a woman at knife-point in front of an ATM on the busiest street in Bloomfield (which happens to be the almost-entirely-white Little Italy section of town), I’m not going to stick around afterwards to see what bumper stickers she has on her car, and then double-back to carefully scratch (it was certainly not “carved” as some would have it) a very neat backwards (or upside-down) “B” into her cheek (therefore making a political statement), and tell her I’m “teaching her a lesson”. Especially if I know that Sean Hannity just happens to be in town the next day.
I guess it’s within the realm of possibility…

Midtown Miscreant said...

The police are saying her story is changing, just in case you care about facts.;_ylt=Ao0eNwOFSzGD24TmEH257FZvzwcF

James said...

The police also didn't bother taking pictures of her wounds, in case you, MM, care about the facts.

I'm sure it is a hoax, much like these similar ones:,1,1697089.story?coll=la-headlines-california

Did you blog on those?

Midtown Miscreant said...

The police did take photos of her wound, when she reported it well after it allegedly took place. She went to her friends house and hung out for awhile. My point was and is, that people such as yourself are a little to quick to believe anything negative as long as it suits your message. you can check my blog, I dont cut anyone slack using party lines as a measuring stick. You'll find I point out idiocy in all walks of life.

Merge Divide said...


I imagine that by now you are ready to admit it was a hoax?

James said...


We called it a hoax hours ago... might want to read those pesky notes that say "UPDATE" before commenting nonsensically.

Merge Divide said...

Well... I read your original post when I first visited your site (obviously). I was waiting for your acknowledgment here in the comment thread. Or is this the part of the dialog that you'd rather avoid... this actual interaction with readers?

James said...

Not at all... just your reading comprehension skills seemed lacking. Even in your original comment you made some reference to the photo, though we had clearly already linked to the actual photo.

The one used on our site, like many of our posts, is a created one.

The you post asking if we are going to acknowledge the Hoax, which we did before nearly every other source on the web.

You'll notice we also called for her prosecution. There is no room for people like her in a discussion of the most serious issues that face this nation.

Thanks for reading. I have added your blgo to my roll, seems most interesting.