Thursday, October 30, 2008

KS Democrat Target of Voter Intimidation Investigation

Prime Buzz is reporting that Kansas Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh has ordered an investigation into claims that Democrat Kansas State Senate candidate for the 5th district, Kelly Cthulu Kultala, committed voter intimidation.
"[The complaintant] wanted to find out whether Kultala had violated the law when she left a message on the phone of a Kansas City, Kan., businessman who was displaying a Fitzgerald sign. In the message, Kultala told the owner she would no longer shop at his store if he continued to support her opponent."

The transcript of the message follows:
Kultala: Ah, hello, I was wondering if you were supporting Steve Fitzgerald for the state Senate race. I noticed that you have a big sign out in front of your business, and he’s kind of … creepy nut out of Leavenworth. We’ve spent a lot of money at your business, and we will not be coming there any longer as long as you still support.

Kultala told reports she has not been notified of the investigation.

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