Monday, October 27, 2008

The Kansas Citian Endorses...

The 2008 election is now roughly a week away. Although early voting has been going on for awhile, we thought we'd go ahead and publish our endorsements on some of the issues and campaigns facing the Kansas City area.

Light rail:

NO - The mayor is asking voters in Kansas City and North Kansas City to approve a measure that would create a new light rail starter line in the KC metro. The new sales taxes would help fund the plan that relies on nearly $1 billion in federal funding. Of course, the mayor and the city council all argued the city would not be capable of receiving that federal funding when it came to Clay Chastain's light rail plan approved by voters in 2006. To compound the issue the light rail starter line doesn't even go to any major venues that would encourage ridership.

Electing Judges:

Yes - Johnson Countians are going to be asked if they want to elect their own judges or rely on a benevolent commission to continue to do so behind closed doors. Proponents of the initiative argue that holding elections and letting the people decide introduces politics into the selection process of judges. It's telling sign of where the politics really resides when the proponents campaign is funded entirely by trial lawyers.

Johnson County Research Triangle:

Yes - It's unfortunate that this issue was placed on the ballot just a few short months after Johnson Countians were asked to pass an unending sales tax to fund a new jail, because this new sales tax will create a new medical research education hub that will likely bring lots of high paying new jobs to the area. With Sprint ready to fall at any moment, the area could use all they high paying jobs it can get.

MO Prop A:

No - This prop has nothing to do with education and everything to do with gambling. Gambling has been legal for over 15 years in MO. Since that time casinos have gone back to voters every couple years to remove yet another regulation. Now they want to remove the one rule that limits losses so they can attract a few high rollers. They say Missourians will be rewarded with $100 million dollars in funds for education. What they don't say is that to generate that much money the casinos need to see a nearly 40% growth in annual gambling losses.

MO English Only Amendment:

Yes - Missourians are being asked if they should amend the state's constitution to require government business to be conducted in English. Seeing as 99.99% of the state's citizens speak English, there is no valid reason not to ensure that government business remains conducted in a language that the people of Missouri can understand.

The candidates:

Graves/Barnes - Graves
Nixon/Hulshof - Nixon
Howe/Guinn - Howe
Roberts/Slatery - Roberts
Moore/Jordan - No endorsement
Boyda/Jenkins - Jenkins

The big one:

McCain-Palin/Obama-Biden - McCain-Palin


Burr Deming said...

The complete history of Riverboats in Missouri would be funny if it was not so tragic. The proposal should go down.

Anonymous said...

The only one I really have hopes for is the English Only question.

As for the presidential campaign? Well, the media are already brainwashing us with fatalism to think that McCain would win, so oh well - guess it'll be Obama.

Once the far-left socialists have come to power, expect everything to change...

The economy will drop like a rock within days of Obama being elected. People will take their money out of stocks and funds to hide it from the heavy taxations headed their way. Bush will not do much of anything so that the worst will hit Obama once he takes office. The Christmas shopping season will be a shadow of what it once was and all the small businesses that rely so heavily on the Christmas sales to keep afloat during the rest of the year will begin to drop like flies in January and February. By the end of 2009 the jobless rate will climb into the double-digits, while crime soars.

First freedoms to go will be gun rights. Disarm the population so they can't rise up against you. As crime rises, the populous will cry out for more police, and heavier laws that take away from our freedoms. No more will there be an American Dream; for no one will want to work for it nor have their hard-earned money taxed away. As they have already begun to do in our schools, they will attempt to rewrite history and what they teach to our children, indoctrinating them into their beliefs. Only the most liberal of churches will be allowed to thrive; orthodox religions will be targeted (as they were in France) and be used as rallying cries for terrorists. They despise religion as it counters their own religion of earth-worship and worship of Marxist ideals.

In general, they have been breeding irresponsibility and dependence on the state for the past 40 years and this is it's result.

Mark my words: the socialists want the US as we know it to fail so when the population cries out for help it will be there carrying the Marxist bible as the answer to our problems.

Truthful history needs to be written down, saved, hidden and stored so a future generation can find it and learn what really happened. Hopefully they will learn from our mistakes and do something about it.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."
--Ronald Reagan