Friday, October 10, 2008

HUD Denies Illegal Immigrant Data or Did They?

Tonyskansascity has a post disputing any links between illegal immigration and the subprime mortgage crisis. He lacks any data, of course, and only substantiates his arguement by point to this article.

In the article a HUD spokesperson says the news reports from a news radio station in Phoenix, AZ quoting HUD as stating illegal immigrants were responsible for five million fraudulent home loans has no basis.
A HUD spokesman said Thursday his agency has no data showing the number of illegal immigrants holding foreclosed or bad mortgages.

However, the station involved, KFYI, has already posted a followup disputing HUDs response:

The Department of Housing and Urban Development won't discuss whether 5 million illegal immigrants held mortgages.

Earlier this week, we posted a story that said figures from the Department of Housing and Urban Development showed that home mortgages were held by 5 million illegal immigrants and that this may have contributed, in part, to the housing crisis that has led to the recent failure in the financial markets. Our source for that story, a retired agent from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, stands by those numbers.

A person from Housing and Urban Development contacted KFYI to tell us the number was inaccurate, that there were only 2.3 million mortgages held by immigrants, so there was no way that 5 million illegals could have mortgages.

When asked what HUD says the correct number is, the person (who identified himself only as 'Brian' and who refused to give his last name), either would not or could not say how many illegal immigrants hold mortgages. He also said there was "no way" HUD would grant an interview on the subject.

The argument that only 2.3 immigrants hold mortgages, so there is no way that five million illegal immigrants could, holds no water. First, the statement was that they had five million fraudulent home loans, the key word being fraudulent. This means they used false social security numbers, no social security numbers, or just lied about their citizenship status altogether. Immigrants who have come here illegally are not likely to freely admit that fact on a loan application and therefore would not show up under immigrant home ownership data.

A HUD spokesperson saying they do not have the data on the number of illegal immigrants is also a half truth or flat out lie. As we pointed out just a little over a week ago, two Johnson County women were sentenced for giving more than 100 loans to illegal immigrants. If the data doesn't exist, then how did the DA's office get it?

Does HUD not have access to e-verify where they can cross reference names and social security numbers? Does HUD not have the ability to see when a loan is given to someone with no SSN? Is HUD not keeping track of who owned the home loans being defaulted on?

The fact that the responses from HUD also come from a guy named 'Brian' who refuses to give his last name make them highly suspect. Why would HUD send out a spokesperson who refuses to give their name so the claims can be validated? The article quoting HUD as saying they don't keep data on illegal immigrants is only sourced as "a spokesperson." Since the paper that wrote the article is the Phoenix Business Journal, located in the same city as the radio station that broke the story, there is a strong possibility 'Brian' was their source as well. We're guessing 'Brian' doesn't even work for HUD and is just someone with an agenda, much like Tony.

There is ample evidence to show illegal immigration played a major role in the subprime mortgage crisis. The question is, in light of the economic fallout from this crisis reaching a global scale, can the very people who instituted the social engineering policies that allowed the fraud to occur in the first place put aside that social agenda to find the truth, punish those directly responsible, and prevent something like this from ever occurring again?

UPDATE: We have calls and emails into Mike Sunnucks with the Phoenix Business Journal to provide more info on the identity of the so-called spokesperson from HUD. As of now, those requests have been unanswered.


Tony said...

Dude, you're quoting the same news outlet that was proven wrong the first time.

And you're questioning a Biz Journal article because they won't answer your e-mail? Government sources hate going on record but I doubt any Biz Journal people are illegal immigrants so they don't have much to gain by making up a quote on background.

Reach all you want, float these posts but the evidence doesn't back it up.

Great stuff though, the talk radio crowd should love it!!!

I'm not out to change your mind. Just to demonstrate that your sources are shaky and have already been proven disputed effectively on this very topic once. Even Michelle Malkin has moved on from this story.

James said...

I know you aren't trying to change my mind, Tony. Nor I yours.

As I have previously stated, I would love to be proven wrong on this. Unfortunately, the evidence doesn't seem to suggest it.

To say the original source was proven wrong is a stretch to say the least. We have someone who claims to be from HUD contacting news outlets in Phoenix but refusing to give his actual name. And you're taking that as fact?

Even if we take that leap and say he really is from HUD and he says is they don't have data. But if they don't how did the JoCo DA's office get it? Don't you think we should get that data?