Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exit Polls Show McCain Leading in Florida

The LA Times/Bloomberg exit poll is showing McCain with a 49-45 lead over Obama in early voting.

The same polls indicates more Democrats are taking advantage of early voting than Republican by a margin of 54 to 30. Much to the chagrin of the Obama campaign, Democrats appear to be breaking for McCain.
"We're thrilled at the record turnout so far," said Democratic Party of Florida spokesman Eric Jotkoff. "It's a clear indication that Democrats want to elect Barack Obama and Democrats up and down the ballot so that we can start creating good jobs, rebuilding our economy and getting our nation back on track."

One explanation for the disparity could be Cuban-Americans who have been working hard to warn Floridians about the similarities between Obama's rise to power and that of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

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