Friday, October 3, 2008

Debate Coverage Bias

Nope, there's no bias in the way the mainstream media covers the presidential campaigns.

We took a look at the AP's photo gallery from last night's debate. Of the 100 or so pictures, five centered on Sara Palin's feet, five! Coincidentally, there were no images of Joe Biden's feet, nor were there images of Obama's or McCain's feet in the photo gallery from the last debate.

If you read our live blog of the 2008 Vice Presidential debate, you may have noticed we made mention of how evil Biden looked, how he simply refused to smile. Yet, if you read the after debate reviews from the media, you will find no mention of this. If you look through the debate photo galleries you will only find images of Biden from far away or when he and Palin are greeting each other with smiles and shaking hands.

Since, the mainstream media won't do it, we thought we'd show you ourselves just in case you missed it:

What else is funny about the after debate coverage from the media is that they don't seem to care that Senator Biden didn't call Sarah Palin, "Sarah" or that he didn't direct all his answer directly at her. The exact same criticism they levelled against John McCain in the last debate because he referred to his opponent as Senator Obama and spoke to the people at home, not the guy on stage left.

We'll leave you with this last image of Biden from last night, enjoy:


Anonymous said...

I have a few theories about the pics of Palin's lower extremities:

1. The photographer was male and just come off a year-long assignment photographing Hillary during her run at the candidacy.

2. An attempt made by left-wing photogs to somehow depict Palin as "frail" or "too feminine" to be VP. (leftists are such hypocrites - they're sexist pigs in disguise)

Could care less said...

Or that may have been the only thing to keep her in the points run. Come on people, quit splitting hairs.

locomotivebreath1901 said...

Foot fetish. It's all about the issues.