Thursday, October 2, 2008

Countdown to Palin vs. Biden

What is shaping up to be the debate of the 2008 Presidential Election is just hours away. Already the Democrat spin machine is running at full speed.

Despite ridiculing Sarah Palin non-stop for the best three weeks on everything from her parenting skills to pausing to formulate appropriate responses to questions from mainstream media anchors, they now would have you believe she is a genius, world-class debater.

"Governor Palin is one of the best debaters in American politics," Plouffe told the press corps traveling to St. Louis for tonight's event. "I've watched all of her debates; she is an extremely good debater."

They're even posting video highlights of Sarah Palin to try and demonstrate her prowess at the podium.

Unfortunately, the Democrat spinmeisters have done the job of tearing down Sarah Palin far to well for this sudden about face to work. Even with a biased political operative as the narrator of tonight's debate, Sarah Palin only needs a moderately good performance to put McCain back in front.

Be sure to check back tonight as we live blog all the action. For those watching at home, we highly recommend watching CNN's broadcast. The live, on screen audience reaction graph really lets you get a sense of how well each candidate is performing. For instance, we were astounded at how much independent voters took offense to every negative comment Barack Hussein Obama made about President Bush, who isn't even liked by his own party.

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