Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bill Ayers Dedicated Book to Kennedy Assassin

William Ayers, the man who made unrepentant terrorist a household name, dedicated his 1974 book Prairie Fire to Sirhan Sirhan. The controversial author and former Weather Underground member called the convicted assassin of Bobby Kennedy America's most infamous political prisoner.

Sirhan Sirhan is currently serving a life sentence in a California state prison.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Bill Ayers next book, titled Race Course Against White Supremacy and due out shortly after the election, is dedicated to a list of cop killers. We're wondering if Barack Obama will blurb that book too.


Warm Apple Pie said...

I heard Bill Ayers once stoned a puppy to death when he was 10 years old.

Barack Obama knows Bill Ayers.

Ergo, Barack Obama stones puppies to death.

Makes sense to me.

KC, you feel it slipping away, don't you. You feel the defeat gripping you. I get great pleasure out of the merchants of division - the Grand Old Party - playing the victim.

Wah wah media bias. Wah wah guilt by associations. Wah wah Joe the Plumber. My goodness - Joe the Plumber. I can't imagine what it is like to support a candidate who has made an unlicensed plumber in arrears on taxes the embodiment of the entire base.

I guess I revel in this because I support Obama as a man without the trappings of partisanship. Frank, Pelosi, Reid? They'll find no quarter here.

I believe Obama can make the difference for this country. If I'm wrong, the only thing that happens is . . . nothing. The status quo. I'll take a chance on change.

ED said...

Actually, the defeat occurred long ago in the 1960's when the family and common sense morals were targeted by the extreme left. We already live in a much different country than just 40 years ago. And in 4 years, we'll live in yet a different again - one that will be teetering on the brink of socialism.

Like it or not, socialism is coming. It has already taken up root in Europe. And yet socialism has not cured the woes of that continent where hatred against muslims, gypsies, and jews run rampant. Yes, the leftist dream society actually harbors and encourages hate.

You can cover your eyes, hide behind your drive-by words, and cower before your so-called messiah, but the truth is crystal clear how he feels about America and what he wants to change it to.

Mark my words, before you die an old man you too will understand how wrong you were in electing him.

BTW, I just got done watching Obama's TV infomercial on YouTube yesterday and I'm only mirroring the doom and gloom it portrayed. Guess I should stick to watching videos about how great our country has been for over 200 years. Maybe then I'd be a more chipper person.

Anonymous said...

Guilt by association. Long has the left used this against the right, yet they redefine it when it's one of their own.

The obama supporters don't like to drink from the same cup they dish out to others.

The same is true about their hypocrisy of sexism and the glass ceiling. It's only ok for women to shatter it if it's Hillary or Pelosi, but not if it's Palin. Hell no, in their eyes she's a c*nt.

Wow - who would've thought there would come a day when the saviors of sexism would write up T-shirts with the word c*nt on them.

But can you really blame them? When you really want your party to win, you'll resort to throwing monkey-poo with the rest of the baboons.

Ah, that's right. We've found the soft-spot in their armor; the democrat behind the KKK mask. It's funny how I've heard a lot of die-hard Democrats say in the past several months one of the following two things:

1. "I'd never vote for a black man"
2. "I'd never vote for a woman"

We right-wingers thoroughly enjoyed the show the leftists put on in the spring. It was comforting to see what we've always known about Dems come to light.

The democrat party is made up of a bunch of people of very different and conflicting ideals and what's funny is that they one vote Democrat because of one, maybe two, things that the Dems stand for while hating the rest. And they're only fooling themselves if they think their supporters are "living in harmony".

For example:

How may people are voting for Obama because he is going to "end the war" in Iraq? These are your die-hard anti-war folks. Yet, I know of a TON of democrat-voting people who had said numerous times that we should have nuked Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the likes soon after 9/11. These are the Union Worker friends of mine. The ones who worked so hard all of their lives and don't have much pity on welfare-recipients. Whoops! Now there's a little conflict. But of course, a good percentage of welfare recipients are minorities, usually black and latino; two groups who really don't like gays and attend churches that preach against homosexuality. However, it's gays and dikes that vote for the same party too because they're looking to redefine the word marriage, which many middle-of-the-road Democrats who are Christians oppose.

In reality, the Democratic party ALWAYS loses support from their own base when they go hog-wild with their leftist ideology when they have control of congress and presidency. This will be entertaining at the very least to watch over the next four years. Congress is already at a record-breaking low in confidence, they will hemorrhage seats like crazy in two years after they start passing their communist policies.

Except this is really the "do or die" time for the socialists. They have two years to rewrite the constitution, kill off the conservative judges and appoint socialist ones, and impose a new government. If they only go half-ass, they will start to get voted out in a hurry.

Grabbing a bag of popcorn. I'll have my "I told you so" list ready in two years...

James said...

WAP, I didn't make that leap you did.

I only pointed out that Bill Ayers seemingly idolizes Sirhan Sirhan, the man who assassinated one of the Democrat's greatest heroes.

We're putting together a piece on the "respected college professors" that are found rampant throughout our university education system.

James said...

doh! Hit submit to early. This peice is part of a lead up to that story.