Friday, October 17, 2008

Beware Joe the Plumber, The Truthsquad Commeth

Let what the liberal media and the Obama campaign are doing to Joe the Plumber be a lesson to anyone who might dare to ask Barack Obama a simple question about his tax policies. For if he admits his Marxist policies of "spreading the wealth" on camera or make some other faux pas you too will have the wrath of the "Thruthsquad" brought down upon you.

They're claiming he is not a licensed plumber, they're digging into his tax records, they're looking into his family, they're even posting his home address on the Internet. Putting a man's job, his safety, his family at risk because you are upset your candidate admitted publicly he's a socialist is probably the most disgusting and reprehensible response anyone could have ever possibly imagined.

The Democrats, of course, benefit immensely from these intimidation tactics because future people who would dare to raise questions about the Messiah or who would try and blow the whistle on his dealings with nefarious people will be too scared to speak out.

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