Monday, October 27, 2008

Berg v Obama: Questions Arise Over Judge's Ruling

New questions are arising with regards to the dismissal ruling issued by Judge Surrick in the Berg v Obama case. It appears the Judge's office received the already written order via fax just minutes before it was signed by the judge and before being faxed on to Philip J Berg, the plaintiff in the case.

The time stamps recorded on the faxes are causing bloggers to question whether the judge actually wrote his ruling. Bloggers are alleging that a former clerk for Judge Surrick may have actually written the order.

Christoper B. Seaman, who once clerked for the judge, is now an attorney for Sidley, Austin in Chicago. Here's where it things get interesting, Sidley, Austin is the same law firm that employed Michelle Robinson Obama, Bernardine Dorn (Bill Ayer's wife and former leader of the Weather Underground), and is where Barack Obama met his wife.

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