Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Barack Obama's Top 10 Most Influential Friends & Mentors

A racist, a terrorist, and a satanist walk into a bar... You might think this sounds like the opening to a bad joke, but for Barack Obama it's just a night out with the boys.

Barack Obama from his earliest days as a student has surrounded himself with socialists, Marxists, anti-Americans. He calls these people his friends, his mentors.

Just who are these "mentors"?
  1. Rev. Jeremiah Wright - Barack Obama describes Rev. Wright as his mentor. Wright, a former Muslim, leads a Black Theology church in Chicago, IL that Barack Obama attended for more than 20 years. The Trinity United Church of Christ teaches that "the black theologian must reject any conception of God which stifles black self-determination by picturing God as a God of all peoples." When videos of Rev. Wright hit the Internet showing him asking God to "damn America" and making wild accusations claiming the government created AIDS to kill black people, Obama said he had no idea... that he never heard Wright speak in such ways. Only after Wright condemned Obama for not standing up for his beliefs did Obama disavow the controversial pastor.

  2. William Ayers - Was a co-founding member of a domestic terrorist group known as the Weather Underground. The group took responsibility for bombing the capital and the Pentagon. They were even responsible for starting riots in Chicago, IL. After spending years in hiding as a fugitive, Bill Ayers was eventually arrested. However, due to a technicality he was released and escaped ever having to pay for his crimes. He went on to become a professor at one of Chicago's elite universities. Obama's ties to Ayers run deep. Ayers helped launch Obama's political career in his living room. Obama and Ayers served on the boards of two seperate organizations. They often spoke together at events. Ayers even hand picked Barack Obama to head his youth education organization. Ayers also provided a cover blurb to one of Obama's books and some believe may have even assisted him in rewrites of Dreams of My Father. On 9/11/2001 Ayers was quoted as saying he regretted he did not do enough in regards to the Weather Underground's terrorist activities.

  3. Bernadine Dohrn - Wife of William Ayers and former leader of the Weather Underground. Dohrn was also complicit in the Weather Underground's terrorist activities. She along with her husband are neighbors of Barack Obama.

  4. Tony Rezko - A Chicago, IL slum lord with heavy political ties. Tony Rezko helped Barack Obama make the "right" connections in the city's controversial political machine. Tony Rezko has been indicted on corruption charges and is currently working out a plea deal with federal prosecutors. Tony Rezko helped Barack Obama purchase a home in Chicago, IL for $500,000 below the asking price. Coincidentally, Rezko purchased the home neighboring Obama's from the same seller for $500,000 above the asking price.

  5. Alexi Giannoulias - Illinois State Treasurer and member of the Giannoulias crime family. Barack Obama endorsed Giannoulias's bid for treasurer despite Giannoulias having no political or related experience for the job. Barack Obama's campaign finance accounts are held in the Broadway Bank in Chicago. The bank is owned by the Giannoulias family. There are also reports that the bank holds the mortgage on Barack Obama's Chicago home.

  6. Rashid Khalidi - An Arab-American professor with suspected ties to the PLO, a terrorist organization in the Middle East. Khalidi reportedly used his contacts with his publishers to land Barack Obama his first book deal. In one of Khalidi's books he credits William Ayers for lending his dining room table to help him with rewrites of his book. Obama also spoke at a farewell dinner for Rashid Khalidi when he left Chicago. During the speech Obama referenced the many dinners the two had had together.

  7. Saul Alinsky - Probably the first American community organizer. He authored the book Rules for Radicals which Obama has stated influenced him greatly. In fact, Obama contributed an essay about community organizing to a book titled After Alinksy. Obama has also been quoted telling his supporters to "get into people's faces", a tactic Saul Alinsky promoted in his book. In the forward of Alinsky's controversial book he dedicated the writing to "the first radical," Lucifer.

  8. ACORN - The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now has become increasingly linked with voter fraud. Reports began arising in the 2004 of ACORN submitting fraudulent voter registrations. These reports grew in the 2006 election and reached an all time high in 2008 when reports of massive fraud have come in from every state in which ACORN operates. ACORN is also the key organization involved in promoting subprime mortgages. In the past they worked with Obama to sue Citibank to force the lender to make the risky loans. They have also lobbied extensively for the federal government to require banks to make the risky loans that have led to the economic collapse the country is currently suffering. ACORN currently receives a 4% kickback from all subprime loans, totalling more than $500 million annually. Obama also represented ACORN in a lawsuit involving motor voter registration. He was also recruited by the head of the Chicago ACORN to help train their staff in Alinksy-community organization tactics. Obama also co-sponsored legislation in 2007 that would have given ACORN immunity for any wrong doing under the Truth in Lending Act for promoting subprime mortgages.

  9. Ward Churchill - Another liberal elite college professor. Churchill penned an essay in which he stated American policies were responsible for 9/11. But, what was most concerning was his statements that the victims of 9/11 deserved to die because they were capitalists. Ward Churchill has stated he helped train the Weather Underground in bomb making, the very bombs they would eventually use to bomb the capital and the Pentagon. When the controversy from his essay cost him his job, William Ayers wrote a column defending Churchill's views. Churchill was also in attendance at the 2008 Democrat National Convention when Obama accepted his party's nomination.

  10. Mayor Daley - The current mayor of Chicago, IL. Mayor Daley's ties to corruption and scandal run deep. His father was mayor of Chicago during the sixties and was linked to voter fraud when thousands of dead citizens showed up at the polls to vote for Democrat presidential candidate John F Kennedy. Historians credit the fraud in Chicago as the deciding factor in JFK's presidential victory. The current Mayor Daley has been in office since 1981, "winning" re-election in 1991, 1995, 1999, 2003, and 2007. He has been linked to several scandals including the Hired Truck Program in which mob connected businesses were paid by the city to do little or no work.
The individuals Barack Obama has chosen to surround himself with give us a glimpse at how he will approach his reign as President of the United States.


Anonymous said...

What about his parents? His dad was married when he knocked up a 17 year old who happened to be Obama's mom. Then mommie sends Obama to live with the grand parents as she decided to focus on herself.

I wonder if there are any lingering issues of abandonment.

Don't Trust Obama said...

There's far more than these ten.

Raila Odinga whom he campaigned for and supported.. Odinga's people then committed racial cleansing and overthrew the government when he lost to a fair election.

Chris said...

I completely forgot about Odinga. Thanks for bringing it up.

Anonymous said...



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Biden...I just have a four letter word to describe that guy, IDIOT.
I D I O T.