Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ACORN Report Raises Issues of Legality

A damning internal report from an attorney working for ACORN raises questions about possible violations of federal law that have arisen from the complex relationships of ACORN's more than 170 affiliates.
The June 18 report, written by Elizabeth Kingsley, a Washington lawyer, spells out her concerns about potentially improper use of charitable dollars for political purposes; money transfers among the affiliates; and potential conflicts created by employees working for multiple affiliates, among other things.

“A full analysis of potential liability will require consultation with a knowledgeable white-collar criminal attorney,” Ms. Kingsley wrote.

Besides the inquiries into its voter registration efforts, Acorn faces demands for back taxes by the Internal Revenue Service and various state tax authorities.

Ms. Kingsley’s concerns about the way Acorn affiliates work together could fuel the controversy over Acorn’s voter registration efforts, which are largely underwritten by an affiliated charity, Project Vote.

Ms. Kingsley found that the tight relationship between Project Vote and Acorn made it impossible to document that Project Vote’s money had been used in a strictly nonpartisan manner.

She wrote that the same people appeared to be deciding which regions to focus on for increased voter engagement for Acorn and Project Vote. Zach Pollett, for instance, was Project Vote’s executive director and Acorn’s political director.

The crimes ACORN is being accused of continues to grow far beyond vote fraud. The list now includes tax fraud, embezzlement, and pension fund irregularities.

Do we really believe an Obama White House and a Democrat led congress will launch an investigation into the organization's crimes?

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