Saturday, September 6, 2008

Obama Weak, McCain Wins in Landslide Says Asia Times

It's always interesting to see how other people around the world view American politics. The Asia Times is running an article entitled, How Obama lost the election.

The writer depicts a scene of malaise and boredom at Invesco Field in Denver, during Obama's "historic" speech. He goes on to criticize Obama on his VP selection:

McCain's choice of vice presidential candidate made obvious after the fact what the party professionals felt in their fingertips at the stadium extravaganza yesterday: rejecting Clinton in favor of the colorless, unpopular, tangle-tongued Washington perennial Joe Biden was a statement of weakness. McCain's selection was a statement of strength. America's voters will forgive many things in a politician, including sexual misconduct, but they will not forgive weakness.

It is his belief that not only will the Democrats lose, but they will lose big.

That is why McCain will win in November, and by a landslide... By all rights, the Democrats should win this election. They will lose... because of the flawed character of their candidate.


chris said...

I don't see this happening. A landslide is like 1984 where Reagan took 49 states. No way this happens this year. Obama won't win or lose this way. However, Obama still looks like he will rack up over 300 electoral votes. Until I see state polls that show differently, Obama will win. I don't care about the recent national polls showing McCain in the lead.

Anonymous said...

Here's what the media seems to be missing... Liberals can't even call themselves liberals anymore without facing a political backlash. They now use a euphemism to describe themselves... "progressives". There is no such backlash toward conservatives. America is a right-leaning country. If Kerry couldn't beat Bush (who was wildly unpopular at the time) how can anyone reasonably expect Obama to fare any better against a candidate that's much more popular than Bush? The fact that Obama has yet to pull ahead in the polls even though all the circumstances favor him goes to show that he's in for an uphill battle.

When you add in the hidden racism factor, I believe that this election could be a landslide win for McCain. Many liberals are quick to write off racism as if it has magically disappeared from our country. Even if racism isn't overt as it once was, many whites still hold subconscious (and sometime conscious) prejudices against blacks that are constantly reinforced by the mainstream media. Obama is in danger of losing any state where he doesn't hold a double-digit lead. Just because we wish it away doesn't make it so. It's just the sad truth of the matter.