Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama Unleashes Gestapo in Missouri

Barack Hussein Obama has asked Missouri law enforcement to go after anyone who says he may be a Muslim or that his tax plan would increase taxes on someone making less than $250,000 a year.

Really? How on Earth can Obama use federal law enforcement to go after people for having an opinion?

On the tax issues, anyone who makes gains in the stock market or owns a small business will be required to pay massively increased capital gains taxes. That's the truth. Are we going to be arrested now for saying it?

On the Muslim issue, Obama does claim he is and has always been a Christian. While it is true he is a member of the Trinity United Black Theology Church, there is also evidence that shows when attending school in Indonesia he was enrolled as a Muslim. He says he wasn't, that just his father was. We see know reason to doubt what he says in regards to that claim, but others might seeing as he has lied about so many other things, his tax plan being just one of them.

Is this just a taste of what we will see if Obama wins? Does he really think the American people will stand for him jailing people with alternate opinions than his, labelling people as racist if they don't support him?

The democrat leadership that ignored the will of the majority of democrats across this country, the majority that voted and chose Hillary as their nominee, by having democrat super delegates reverse that decision, should tread lightly. The thug tactics of the South Side of Chicago that Obama used to win his Senate seat and his State seat will likely not work in the Show Me State.


Radioman KC said...

I'm always amazed how producers sitting in newsrooms write creative but sometimes complete fabrications for their anchors to say as "LEADINS" to news field reporters.

Then some fool producing the website turns that misleading and inaccurate "LEADIN" into the only copy on a web page.

And then a BLOGGER like you who probably has no training in factual reporting changes it from "TRUTHSQUAD by missouri politials into "GESTAPO TARGETS..."

You should pull down your misleading headline.

The report clearly says that group of political supporters (of presumably democratic sheriffs and prosecutors) has been urged to be available and watching for untruthful advertising claims and respond to them with a political response to the public.

In no way was there anything in the report that officially connected to "The Obama Campaign" which is most certainly a legal entity reporting directly to the candidate.) Basically state democrats have mobiilized to TRUTHWATCH false advertising.

The producer who wrote the newscast punched up the LEAD to the point of inaccuracy. And the Blogger punched it up even more so that the headline now in the blog world doens't at all resemble what the reporter's story was about.

Where's the TRUTHWATCH NOW? Shame on you, Kansas Citian!

James said...

I'm sure the Nazi's and Communist's all said they were standing up for "truth" too.

Funny how you didn't even address the so0called lies.

chris said...

Radioman, doesn't it seem wrong that an elected government official such as a sheriff or prosecutor announces they will go after anyone defaming Obama, but no mention is made about going after anyone defaming McCain?

Whether they are dems or republicans is immaterial. They are on the government payroll. They are coming off as overtly partisan by using their official offices to further the democrat party.

radioman KC said...

It's the nature of elected but party partisan officials to be officeholders on the one hand but also political animals on the other.

It would be a mistake to tell an office holder he doesnt have the Constitutional right to free speech simply because he holds an office.

Fact is, its part of the process. What major politician for a political party didn't start off his.her career in some lower level position?

Now I see this off the track news story by the TV station has hit drudge. And the bloggers have gone nuts.

That's because we bloggers can be very reckless about what we put on the internet. Few of us feel the need to follow journalistic rules of reporting.

It's amateur hour.

Now that it's on Drudge and its' been picked up by plenty of right side bloggers because they can get their arms around it.

We'll have to see if this story grows REAL legs. Responsible news organizations won't pick up a TV station's story and just run with it--especially if the lead in isn't supported by the video and the on cam interviews.

ANd in this case, it appears to me as a stretch. But TV stations aren't editorially supervised like newspapers are where reporters are grilled by editors to back up every fact, to argue with every word to assure accuracy.

In this case, a reporter could have filed a story, written a story and lead in...and a lead in is sensationalized a bit.

Here the story is buried in KMOV's newscast and yet its now all over the Internet. So did they not know what they had? Or did they not have what their lead in claims?

I'm not sure how this will play nationally, will it grow wings beyond a few blogs... will it do as so many stories do... which is quietly disappear off Drudge, never to be seen again?

Drudge too can be pretty fast and loose about reporting stuff that doens't past fact checks.

So this story broke the early evening of a presidential debate. It was a daytime liveshot so probably ran at 5 or 6pm.

This is so like Mahoney's erroneus story about the selection of the VP. A story that, luckily, disappeared into the atmosphere, caused a few snickers and made Michael look like an idiot, but mostly made foolish that local television stations don't have a fact checking process to intervene between REPORTER, through PRODUCER to the newscast.

This happens all the time, but local television as an industry don't ever fix it. I know this. I was in it.

Back to your point... the field reporter doens't say they intend to use their official offices. The anchor lead intimates it. But they just say they'll truthwatch... also intimating they'll use their notoriety and public access with the press to set the record straight.

This whole thing is mostly about things NOT SAID in the story. Partisans love to do that. Its how McCain got defeated by Bush lovers 8 years ago. Lies, innuendos, email hatchet jobs. Dirty trick stuff.

Here's a case where the truthwatchers need to truth watch the story about truth watching.

I can't wat to see if it grows wings, despite that it broke just a couple hours before the national debate during a week where the economy is in crisis.

It probably won't, luckily for that producer and for bloggers who are only read by people who already agree with their candidate preferences.

Anonymous said...

It's one thing for 1000 persons (of which only 2 are prosecutors) form this "Truth Squad".

It's completely different when you have enough prosecutors, sheriffs, and the like to practically form a Nazi Storm Trooper squad.

It all starts with the freedom of conscience being "regulated", "watched", and then controlled by a party.

How do you boil a frog alive? Slowly turn up the heat...