Saturday, September 6, 2008

How Do You Identify A Democrat Parrot?

How Do You Identify A Democrat Parrot?

When they speak about Sarah Palin, they typically utter the phrase "a heartbeat away from the presidency."

It's an ingenious attack really. In one breath they insinuate that Sarah Palin has no experience and that John McCain is too old to be president. Unfortunately, it also proves the speaker is incapable of free thinking and can only parrot the latest Obama campaign talking points.


Chimpo said...

Or it's just a blatantly obvious fact that the McCain campaign might have discovered had they properly vetted the VP candidate rather than scramble for someone not named Joe Lieberman.

randyc said...

This clip from John Stewart's show says it all. It shows Karl Rove essentially dissing the concept of choosing a governor with limited experience who was also a mayor of a small town:

billydodongo said...

you are dead on. Palin couldn't have been a worse choice. Seriously, she only has two years experience running the largest geographic state in the union and onlu six years experience running a city. I mean who really cares if she was able to bring the largest economic growth in the city's history, what does that have to do with being president?

Clearly the correct choice here would have been someone like a community organizer from the south side of chicago with absolutely no executive leadership experience whatsoever.

Do you democrats even hear what comes out of your mouths? Every time you say heartbeat away, all you do is remind voters that you want someone with far less experience to actually be the heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

billydodongo is a sexist.