Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Democrats Setup Palin for Big Debate Win

The Wichita Eagle Blog says something we've been thinking all week. The continued baseless attacks on Sarah Palin's responses to various interviews has created an atmosphere where she only needs to appear semi-competent in tonight's debate to score a big, big win for the McCain campaign.
"Democrats have “so successfully mocked, derided and lowered expectations for Palin in Thursday night’s VP debate that if she doesn’t drool or speak in tongues, many millions still open to persuasion will be impressed,” wrote Andrew Malcolm of the Los Angeles Times."

Be sure to check back Thursday when we live blog the debate.


"The D" said...

If you live blog the debate tonight then you won't be live blogging shit.

The debate is Thursday night 8 pm central time.

James said...

doh! Thanks for the heads up.

"The D" said...

Sure thing, I'll be having a chat room on my blog the same time your Live Blogging.