Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Biden Provides Credibility to Palin Pick

As the 2008 Presidential Election draws closer and closer Democrat Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden demonstrates why Sarah Palin is more than capable of having to step in to be commander in chief should the need arise.

Biden's growing list of gaffes includes calling his running mate, "the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean." Making derogatory statements about legal immigrant workers, "you cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking." And asking crippled Senator Chuck Baldwin to, "please stand up."

The KC Red Star's Prime Buzz blog has pointed out that Biden has gotten exceptionally bad in the past 24 hours.

He told a questioner in a campaign line that he and Obama do not support clean coal. "No coal plants here in America." Yet, his campaigns stated policy papers support clean coal power plants.

He bungled depression history saying, "When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the princes of greed. He said, 'Look, here's what happened.'" The problem with that statement, there were no televisions in 1929 and the president at the time was Hoover, not FDR.

He even attacked his own campaign's ad that attacked Sen. McCain as being out of touch for not being able to use a computer or email, "I thought that was terrible. I didn't know we did it and if I had anything to do with it, we would have never done it." Despite Obama 'approving the message' Biden's stance is probably a good one to take since the Boston Globe reported over eight years ago that, "McCain's severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes."

They say Palin is unfit to step in as commander in chief because she was only the mayor of a small town where people still cling to their guns and religion and she was only the governor of the largest geographic state in the union. Yet, they want us all to blindly support Obama, who lacks any leadership experience, and Biden, who can't seem to get through the day without making some false statement or racial slur.


Radioman of Kansas City said...

BTW, 'clean coal' is an oxymoron. John's right. We need nukepower, and lots of it.

About Sarah? One thing about having a campaign bandaid across your mouth... you won't make any mistakes!

Imagine the gaffe's Palin would make if they let her talk. Ya know it, don't ya? She's just a Chatty Sarah doll. Pull her sting and she stays on message. All Sarah's allowed to do is be seen. Other than that she believes in end times prophesy, has a husband in high risk sports, what do we know about her? One more thing? If being a mayor lets you rub your breast when talking to an arab leader about his children during your 40 second photo op, what will she do with Russians? Will she get out her Moose gun? Ask him about his grandchildren? I dunno.

She'll bring in the Assembly of God vote and that's why she's there, I guess. I still think she was Rove's idea, not McCains for well publicized reasons. Did you hear her say Palin-McCain ticket the other day? That was a very telling whopper, I thought and that's why they keep her on Prompter. I don't see much love in McCain's face. I don't think he's a very happy guy these days.

Stop by my place, I'll be happy to talk interactive with you.

We bloggers tend to open our mouths without thinking far more than candidates! Don't ya think?

I seriously thought it was LIBERALS who cling to PC. Biden's not very wrong when he says you have to have an Indian accent to work convenience store. A LITTLE wrong. Arabs like those jobs too and are buying into them with Uncka Mohammad's oil money back home.

I'd rather a little Political Incorrectness than speechwriter script. I can't believe you don't either... unless you want another neocon. Remember, McCain at best would be a caretaker president. A place marker because the party couldn't agree on a better candidate. He scares me. It IS about temperament. Next election, they'll be talking about temperament, not experience if he wins. That guy's more scary than a Hillary responding to phases of the moon.

Anonymous said...

in much the same way the democrats hold republicans up to some unachievable goal when it comes to moral issues like infidelity, should republicans not hold democrats up to the same standards when it comes to politcal correctness?

McCain is a loon. But Obama is far more scary. They guy can't get his story straight on anything.

He's surrounded by racists, treasonous individuals and calls them his mentors. He is constantly telling lie after lie. He wants you to believe he is for changing Washington but he has accepted more bribes/contributions than any of the candidates running.

He is ranked the #1 most liberal senator, while his running mate Biden is ranked #3. #2, btw, is a member of the socialist party.

As for bloggers openning their mouths... we're bloggers, we're not trying to be the leader of the free world.

As for needing an Indian accent to work in a convenience store, I think QT has about 5,000 employees that would beg to differ.

Radioman of Kansas City said...

IF you suggest that Obama can't get his story straight, well that'd be true of McCain as well or ANY CANDIDATE on the outside.

I don't worry so much about that kinda stuff. Candidates who aren't INCUMBENT PRESIDENTS are talking from the outside. Every one of them, over time! I learned this cuz I've been watching candidates for more election cycles than I'd care to admit.

Carter taught me something. Don't vote for a boy scout Christian. They can't compete in a non-Christian world of hardball players like Iran.

Nixon taught me something. Don't vote for a candiate who wants to be president more than he has an agenda or Vision for America. I'm afraid McCain falls into that form. I don't see a vision from this guy. I think he just wants his name up in lights. He's still an egocentric, stubborn fighter pilot. Not a visionary world leader, by any means. He doesn't even talk the TALK!

I liked JFK and I like Obama for the same reason. No political loyalties and a lot of common sense and the right reasons for running.

I like Obama for his thinking ability, not his positions. Doesn't matter their positions for those decisions are made by the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH, not the president.

We only hire that guy for his leadership abilities, his ability to assess threats from overseas and respond in the public arena. The President can't go to war without congress. Cant get laws passed without Congress. WE hire a president for JUDGEMENT and TEMPERAMENT, not political positions.

Don't you agree with that?

Radioman of Kansas City said...

Hey, we're just dickin around with cheap shots as to political positions in these blogger rooms.

When we get into that voting booth we're voting for the candidate who's WISDOM we will trust with our lives and our children's lives.

McCain's views or Obama's.

Ive decided that I'm more comfortable at 3am with Obama's because he doesn't rush to judgement. McCain's fighter pilot ego scares me a bit. I'm not sure I want my kids to ride in the back of his jet fighter.

Me, I don't mind. I'm deep into my life and I'm into adventure. My KIDS, though, they're in for a longer haul and I don't trust this old guy with too much ego/ I'd rather trust a guy who has two small children and would like them to LIVE FULL LIVES! And yes, I hope PUTIN feels the same way!

So does that make sense?

Ed said...

Radio ~

The only problem with your arguments is that the way in which you present your dislikes for Palin.

Being a Democrat, you cannot talk about women in a way that demeans them or that is sexist because Dems are the party of Anti-Sexism. Hillary taught us that women need to break the glass ceiling, including the office of the VP so therefore not supporting a woman getting to be a VP can be seen as chauvinistic.

Other Democrats have also stumbled into saying that she can't run the office because of her responsibilities for the number of children she has at home. This also runs opposite of another main-stay of Dems which is pro-choice: she made a choice, why not let her be or are Dems really pro-abortion?

This election will do one thing for sure: that the hypocrisy of the Democratic Bible (Political Correctness) will shine brightly through the talk of Dem supporters.

Radio, I actually agree with you about PC-ism. I'm not a big fan of it either, I think it makes babies of people. What ever happened to the old saying, "sticks and stones may break my bones..."? Instead you can't say this, you can't say that...

Thou must conform to the ideals of PC-ism. Thou shalt not believe in freedom of conscience.

It's not really surprising to me to hear die-hard democrat-voters saying some of the most un-PC things: I've heard a Hillary supporter say he would never vote for a black guy and I've heard Obama supporters lam bash Hillary, Palin, and the whole idea of having a woman in office. This election is teaching me - scratch that - CONFIRMING what I've always known about most Dems:

They're nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

They'll stomp on the very morals they claim to be the foundations of their party so long as it's an enemy of theirs that is getting bashed. For years, Libs have laughed at pastors that fell into temptation and had affairs or stole from the church coffers, and now we see Dems coming out of the woodwork burning the PC-bible to lash out at their political enemy.


I'd have more respect for Dems if they'd just come out and say, "we're ditching the PC mentality and are taking the gloves off!" But seeing how PC-ism is the very foundation of their voter-power, that will never happen.

James said...

Your comments do make sense. In fact, I have said repeatedly on this blog that I agreed with Obama on two our of the three key issues I will base my vote on.

Unfortunately, I have already seen him change his position on both of those. NAFTA, he recognized the problems it creates for the American worker and the devastating affects its had on Mexico. Yet, he flopped and now supports it. On the war he was all for troop withdrawals, then he goes before AIPAC and drums up war with Iran.

Obama says what ever the crowd he is before wants to hear. Based on his past judgement, that scares me more than McCain. At least I know what I get with McCain. Add to that the fact that the legislative branch is going to be heavily democrat and I don't really fear McCain being able to screw anything up. Obama on the other hand will have a blank check because if any of the white Dems in congress tried to vote against any of his socialist agenda's they'd be labelled racist like they already have been by the MSM putting out false claims of racism before the election has even occured.

While the President doesn't have the outright power to make law, we have seen that he does have the power to drive agendas, to make executive orders, and to make war without congressional approval. The constitution has been shredded by the last 16 years of policy making and an all Democrat legislative branch will make it all the worse.

How long before freedom of speech is dead? It's already dead in Europe with their hate speech laws which basically state you agree with our ideaology or you go to jail.

Anonymous said...

Here's a running list of Biden's blunders.