Friday, August 8, 2008

Signs Israel Backing Down on Iran

There's finally some good news coming out of the Middle East and we're seeing the immediate economic effects, oil is falling and the dollar is climbing. Yesterday, ABC reported the U.S. is in negotiations with Iraq to withdrawal all American troops in 2010. Today, Al Sadr has expressed his willingness to disarm if the U.S. withdrawals from Iraq.

Most importantly, early this week the Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said, "If [Iran] provoke us, or they attack us, our army is prepared to attack and to succeed uncompromisingly." This statement indicates for the first time that Israel has taken a preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear program off the table.

Now that there's evidence Americans have woken up to the real reasons behind the Iraq War and would never support war with Iran, Israel must see no other alternative but to move into a cold war-like stance with Iran, mutually assured destruction. Either that, or they are doing a pretty damn good job of setting things up for another Lavon Affair.


george said...

Wow blogger, I never heard of the Lavon Affair. I have heard people mention something about the US ship that was attacked in the 1967 War, but I had never heard about this. Your wiki link even says Israel admitted responsibility for this in 2005. It doesn't seem like the way our number one ally should act.

george said...

Your link to the Haaretz article is interesting. I especially like the reader comments at the bottom. It is interesting to get the mix of Israeli and other opinions on this issue. Very cool website.