Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Praying for Rain

The Democrat National Convention is just around the corner. The highlight of the four day event will be Barack Hussein Obama's acceptance speech on August 28th, at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver, CO.

The 70,000 seat event sold out in just under 24 hours. Not all ticket holders may be able to attend the event, though. The Obama campaign will be screening all ticket purchasers to insure they aren't evil Republican saboteurs. Those purchasers not deemed worthy will have their tickets deactivated and find themselves unable to enter.

Ticket screening hasn't stopped some people who are intent on raining on Obama's parade. Stuart Shepard of Focus on the Family is asking people to pray for 'rain of biblical proportions' on August 28th, in Denver. He's asking for rain that begins just minutes before Barack's scheduled speech.

The video which was posted to YouTube is largely sarcastic, but it hasn't stopped Obama supporters from getting worried.

Not wanting to see thousands of soaking wet, disappointed liberals missing out on their messiah's epic speech, we thought we'd direct the attention of the Obama campaign to some scientists in China who may just be able to help them out.
"We can turn a cloudy day into a dry and sunny one by shooting the clouds less intensively than when we make rain," head meteorologist Mian Donglian for the
Beijing municipal weather bureau.

That's right, if the Obama campaign acts quickly, they too can employ the Chinese scientists that have mastered weather control. The same scientists that have prevented rain from falling in China during the Olympics.

If for some odd reason they can't find Mian Donglian in time, there's always Katie Horner.

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