Monday, August 18, 2008

The New Olympic Gesture

The new gesture signaling the 2008 Beijing Olympics seems to be catching on. First there was Spain's basketball team, now Argentina's football (soccer) team is getting in on the "slit-eyed" action:


Anonymous said...

It is interesting that two latin nations would be involved with this. I always thought hispanics were victims and not capable of such despicable acts.

How would the reaction have been if the US team did this?

george said...

How long will it take Coke to issue a statement distancing themselves from the Argentines?

ed said...

Coke will probably think that this simply doesn't exist (impossible to happen) because of what Anon said.

I get the feeling that all leftist kool-aid drinkers believe that racism outside of America ceased to exist when apartheid "stopped" in South Africa. It's like the Libs want us to believe that it's only left in America, that the shadows of racism of yesteryear is still rampant and healthy today. They make it seem that there's a lynching every 30 seconds in every state (except California).

I guess they think racism simply cannot exist in...
Mexico & points South