Monday, August 4, 2008

JoCo Sheriff Puts Off Serving Warrants Until Last Minute for Campaign Stunt

JoCo Sheriff Frank Denning is making news today for arresting 35 criminals on outstanding warrants. Sheriff Denning sent out 30 deputies and police officers from OP to server more than 290 warrants.

This news comes just days before Sheriff Denning faces off against challenger Ken Smith in the upcoming primary on August 5th. We just wonder why the Sheriff had his deputies put off serving warrants for crimes such as felony exploitation of a child and vehicular homicide until now.

Can you say 'campaign stunt', kids? We know you can.

Denning's challenger Ken Smith has made headlines for taking a hard line approach to punishing criminals and wanting to reinstate chain gangs. Ken Smith has also come out against the so-called "forever tax" that would levy a quarter cent sales tax on Johnson County goods that will never expire. Denning supports the tax increase.

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