Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jimmy Carter's Black Boy

Wow! Did he just say that?

And this is the party that tries to claim responsibility for Civil Rights?


Anonymous said...

You didn't say what offended you. Was it that the words 'black' and 'boy' were used in the same sentence? He did use the verb 'grow up'.

Me things youre making too much ado...

george said...

There is no doubt had a republican said this, he would have been excoriated. That said, I am not offended by the statement, and don't think Carter intended it as an insult given the entire context of his statement.

Juan said...

I'm going to take it as an "approval" from the DNC that we are now allowed to call all male African-Americans "Black Boys" and know that we will never be called racist by doing so.

I'm even gonna go one step further and read into it that we can call all male European-Americans "White Boys", male Central/Southern-Americans "Brown Boys", and male Asians "Yellow Boys".

One must always keep an ear to the DNC - the makers and rulers of what is and what is not politically correct - so that we may keep up-to-date on our politically correct jargon and not use language that would be offensive to some.

I'm thinking that Jimmy Carter knows what is best for all of us; he's been the second most influential DNC leader (next to Bill Clinton) of our time and we should take comfort and direction from his guidance.

James, you shouldn't make fun of one of our greatest leaders when he gives us new lingo to use. Without Mr Carter telling us otherwise, we could be doomed to make an unpolitically correct statement and be chastised for it. I am very grateful for Jimmy's wise words.


Juan Garcia (a.k.a. Brown Boy)