Friday, August 15, 2008

Fotoshop Friday: Obamania Propaganda Posters

Inspired by our post comparing Obama-mania in the year 2008 to the rise of the Nazi party in Germany during the 1930's, loyal reader Ed sent us this home-made image:

Do we really think Obama is some kind of modern Hitler? Of course not. But do we think it just might be possible that the cult of personality infecting his supporters might also lead them to willingly give up the rights endowed upon them by their creator should Obama ask them to, you know, for the good of the people? Yeah, we do. So, we thought we'd make this week's Fotoshop Friday theme Obamania Propaganda Posters.

Here's what we threw together:

Have something better? Let's see it. Send it to us at and if it's good we'll post it for all to see in the next episode of Fotoshop Friday!

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