Friday, August 29, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Palin's Criminal Past

AUGUST 29--An Alaska female going by the name of Sarah Palin is currently wanted by the FBI for felonies thievery of Barack Obama's thunder. Sarah Palin is currently believed to be on the move and was last seen in the vicinity of Dayton, Ohio.

Authority's warn if you see Mrs. Palin to not approach and instead contact authorities immediately. She is believed to be dangerous to the Democrat socialist agenda. The FBI have released the following wanted poster to aide in her capture.


Anonymous said...

She is not qualified for the job. A trait she shares with Obama. However, given that we don't seem to get the best and brightest to serve, she is probably as good a pick as McCain could have made.

It is a shame we don't have the best and brightest leading the nation. Many won't serve since their lives would be turned upside down by the opposition researchers. Think of all the successful people in this nation who started businesses, run major corporations and are leaders in their fields. Yet we hardly ever see them, and when they do appear like Perot, the media is eager to tear them down because they have thin skin. If you have ever been around successful people, most are known to get testy and do not always have a smile on their face.

As far as me supporting McCain now, I can't. Bottom line he is wrong on the major issues to me, and he is the one running for president. Ditto for Obama.

twestgard said...

Obama chose his VP to help him govern. McCain chose his VP to help him win the election.

Mitch said...

Sarah Palin is a hick unfit to lead a school field trip, let alone our country (and with her geriatric running mate having already had TWO heart attacks, this concept isn't nearly as far-fetched as it should be). McCain obviously chose her to protect himself from would-be assassins should he actually win.

As but one example (and just like the ignorant hick before her), Sarah can't pronounce "nuclear" to save her life. It's beyond my comprehension how ANYONE could even consider placing her *that* close to a position of responsibility, and I just hope the mindless sheep ready to vote for Grandpa And The Ditz oversleep on Election Day.

Haven't we had enough of our civil liberties and components of our Constitution raped by the despicable Bush/Cheney years? Haven't we grown tired of other countries looking at us not with admiration as they did before Bush, but with disdain?

I guess we'll find out next month...