Friday, August 15, 2008

Doing the Jobs Israelis Won't Do

The United States isn't the only country facing an illegal immigration problem these days. A report recently released found that there are about 190,000 foreigners working in Israel. The report also found that about half of those are working there illegally.
A total of 190,000 foreign workers are employed in Israel today; about half of them are employed with permits while the other half is illegal. In addition, another 50,000 Palestinians find odd jobs in Israel; only 10,000 of them arrive here with work permits.

So how is Israel going to deal with the problem? Will they be granting amnesty? Starting guest worker programs? Nope. Israel has launched a new program that aims to completely eliminate all foreign workers, both legal and illegal, by 2014.
“[F]oreign workers hurt weak population groups and make the strong ones wealthier. Employers save on salary and social benefits, while the unemployed find it difficult to secure decent jobs with a fair salary.

This isn't the first time the Israeli government has gone after foreign workers. In 2002, a program was launched that saw the number of Palestinian workers in Israel fall from 300,000 to less than 240,000 in 2004.

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chris said...

I was surprised to find so many guest workers in Israel. I figured if they had them, it would have been Palestinians from the territories working in in Israel proper. But the article states the 200,000 does not include an estimated 50,000 Palestinians.

Israel has about 7 million people. So 200,000 foreign workers equates to around 2.8% of their population, not including the Palestinians. The US has about 300 million people. So 20 million illegals and guest workers equates to about 6.6% of our population.

Israel has around 40% of our rate of legal and illegal guest workers. I figured with their well known security apparatus and distance from Mexico, they would have avoided this issue.