Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dem Fuhrer Die Treuer

Barack Hussein Obama is a truly inspiring leader. Millions of people across America, the world even, have been entranced by the man's charm. It almost reminds us of another leader who inspired a nation of people to become more than they were.

"Be true to the fuhrer," the first poster reads. "People of Berlin - people of the world - this is our moment. This is our time," words of Barack Obama during a speech given in Berlin on July 24th.

Yes, Obama truly is a new kind of leader for the 21st century. If only there were some kind of gesture with which we could show our collective solidarity to the man, his vision, and hope...

We can't wait to witness history on August 28th as 70,000 people unite for the leader!

We know there will be naysayers, but Obama's supporters are prepared. They will hold America accountable.

All heil Obama!


georgge said...

To the kansascitian:

You appear to dislike McCain from what I read from your posts, especially the one comparing him to Teddy Roosevelt. However, you appear to really dislike Obama from what I read from your post today.

You must be in an awful mess this election cycle.

James said...

I'm voting none of the above in 2008.

That being said. I truly believe McCain would be worse for America than Obama.

Ed said...

I'm voting fer de Feurer!

Dat would be ME. Heil Ed!

Lance Weber said...

NOTA would be an excellent choice for President this fall. Too bad we don't have that option, yet.