Friday, August 29, 2008

Blogosmear Reveals Genius of Palin's VP Nomination

There is no mistaking Republicans disaffection with John McCain, but some how he is still locked in a virtual tie with the already anointed Democrat nominee, Barack Obama. Today's pick of Alaska governor Sarah Palin was an ingenious one by Senator McCain. It not only re-energizes conservative voters, but will sway many independent voters sitting on the fence to vote his way.

Just over 12 hours after Barack Obama's historic acceptance speech the headlines have been replaced with story after story of the Republican vice presidential nominee. In just a matter of hours we've learned more about this woman than we've learned about Barack Obama after four years of campaigning and liberal bloggers are clearly getting worried.

She's been attacked for the names she gave her children (we all know how "normal" Barack Obama's name is). She's been attacked for being the runner-up to Miss Alaska (because apparently democrats only like ugly women). She's been attacked by Obama's campaign for lack of "foreign policy experience" (apparently Obama's lack there of is no big deal). She's been attacked for being married to the same man for 20 years. She's been attacked for firing the Public Safety Commissioner, a position that serves at her will (and let's not forget Palin has been extremely cooperative with the Democrat led investigation). She's been attacked for being a "big oil" Republican (even though she returned the money her state received from increased energy revenues directly to the citizens of Alaska). She's been attacked for not having lead a big state like California or New York (but she does have an 85% approval rating). She's been attacked for being a pro-life mother (as if choosing to give her son, born with down syndrome, life is a bad thing). She's been attacked for being fiscally responsible and telling congress they can take that bridge to nowhere and stick it (apparently she doesn't eat pork). She's been attacked for being the mother of a son who will soon be boots on the ground in Iraq (as if that doesn't make her the most knowledgeable about the effects of deployment on a family). She's been attacked again and again by liberals all over for the very things that make her the perfect Republican VP nominee.

"She's not ready to be VP." More like Democrats are not ready to face the first true conservative to get their party's nomination since Reagan.

Yep, if I were a Democrat. I'd be worried too.


george said...

The names of her kids are messed up. I would figure a Church-goer like her would have opened the Bible and picked her kids' names. She names her kids like some sort of hippie commune chick.

Anonymous said...

My kids are in their teenage years now and love to say one thing then flip-flop to something completely different. So I'm gonna rename one to Ozone Aerosol and the other John Kerry.

And now for something completely different:

If you vote for McCain, you will be called racist. If you vote for Obama you will be called sexist...

...damn I love the smell of political correctness in the morning.

Chimpo said...

You say this crap like Democrats are the only ones ripping this selection, which is wrong. You also say this crap like Democrats are the ones bringing these short-comings up first. It's more of a "the Republic party thinks Obama isn't ready so they pick a veep with less experience from a place that really couldn't be further from the pulse of America."

Also, she supported the bridge to nowhere initially. This is a bigger joke blog than TKC.

Anonymous said...

it is just democrats making those comments

she's more qualified than barry and we elect presidents not vice presidents. she also has no associations with wack job leftists trying to destroy the country.

plain & simple - she has been a leader in every task she has undertaken and that is why democrats are now running scared

85% approval!

democrats like to point out bush's approval is in the mid twenties, but isn't the democrat led congress approval at like six or something?

chris said...

She is not qualified to be the VP let alone the President. It doesn't matter though because McCain is going to get creamed in an electoral landslide. Don't look at the "national polls" which show a fairly tight race. Focus on the individual state races which show the electoral math clearly in favor of the dems.

No way does this lady change that fact.

Erin said...

I can't believe you're siting me as proof of anything.

But while I'm here, I gotta say I can't help but think there might be more meaning to a name like Barack, especially if your father is African, versus Willow.

But then again, Willow was the first movie I ever saw in a movie theater. Perhaps the little man spoke to Sarah...

jeremy said...

Where does it say she is being attacked for being married to the same man for 20 years?

Anonymous said...

If we're going to bring up her son's boots on the ground in Iraq, as some sign of her good parenting skills, then should we balance that with her daughter's lack of morality, at SEVENTEEN? Who the forgot to put some pride in her head well before puberty?

Fact is, going to war or going to bed with a boy can happen to any kid. It's better not to be touting what they do as evidence of how good is our morality.

Fact is, this nomination is an embarrassment to the party. At least Paris Hilton has an energy plan that makes sense!

Women should be so offended that McCain pretty much grabs the first one that comes to mind. I've felt for so long that republicans aren't fit to govern. One would think what they ended up with GWB would have taught them to be more careful. But it didn't.