Friday, August 8, 2008

Activist Democrat Voter Proves We Need Voter ID

Phil Lindsey of Independence, MO was arrested after becoming violent when asked to show ID when attempting to vote on Tuesday.

In a statement posted to DailyKOS and another left wingbat blog, Lindsey claimed to have calmly asked for the election judges at his precinct to review MO Secretary of State's guidelines for voter identification when he was refused after offering up his precinct ID card as identification.

The first person who spied us was a lady, who asked "Do you want to vote?" "Yep", I replied. "I'll need to see your ID", she said, and I handed her the precinct-issued ID cards. She picked it up, glanced at it and said, "I'll need to see your something with your signature on it."

"Uh... I don't think so. What I gave you is valid ID."

"No,", she replied, "I need to see something with your signature on it, otherwise I won't know who you are." And that gave me a bad feeling.

Of course, Lindsey claims he remained calm through the entire incident and when police were called and he was arrested it was because the bi-partisan election poll judges were fascist Nazi's and not because he was acting like an insane, raving lunatic, as Fox 4 uncovered in their investigation.
"[E]lection judges called the Election Board for clarification but by that time Lindsey was screaming and pounding on the desk, so they called police."

The KC Red Star reported...

Charlene Davis, one of the directors of the Jackson County Election Board, said Lindsey was disruptive at the polling place -- "screaming" at election judges.

"They were scared to death," Davis said. "They're all over gal thought she was having a heart attack."

This isn't the first time Phil Lindsey has attempted to cause controversy when voting. During the presidential primary last February, Lindsey was asked to show ID. He claims he produced his drivers license under protest so that he could cast his ballot. He later filed a complaint with the elections office which he claims lost his complaint.

It is clear that Lindsey went to the polls on Tuesday intent on causing mischief and making himself publicity. He drove to the polls with his son, which means he could have easily produced his drivers license so that he would be allowed to cast his ballot. Then after having done so, he could have provided the poll workers with the list of showing what is acceptable ID in Missouri and encouraged them to call the Secretary of State's office for further clarification so that no other voter in his precinct would face the same problem. Instead he chose to freak out and become aggressive and even though police gave him every chance to calm down to avoid arrest, he did everything he could to insure he would be charged.

After the federal government released data earlier this week that suggests more than 3% of votes are being cast fraudulently by illegal immigrants there is more proof than ever that photo identification needs to be required at the polls for the purposes of maintaining the integrity of our election system and not disenfranchising legal voters. This incident just serves as further proof that voter identification needs to be limited to a valid drivers license or other state issued photo ID.


george said...

Here is a comment from the DailyKos.
"Be prepared for this to happen over and over again. Voter suppression may be the only way the GOP can win."

How is this voter suppression by the GOP? It is my understanding that on Tuesday you could only get one party's ballot, dem, rep, or libertarian. If he wanted a dem ballot his only choices on it were democrats.

If this had happened in November where you have to choose between the parties on a consolidated ballot, then you might make this case. But in August the GOP can't suppress anyone because they have no control over the democrat party's primary ballot.

Also, the comment about him scaring the polling workers is probably true. When I voted all polling workers where close to 80 and the lady who checked my ID was carrying supplemental oxygen.

Anonymous said...

Don't be naive, the diebold voting machines are easy to hack and paper ballots are east to lose or water damage it happened in '04 and its likely to happen again. Whether Mr. Lindsey was threatening or not , it should never have come to that the law is the law and the law says a phot ID is NOT required these maverick poll workers are threat to democracy.

Ed said...


"these maverick poll workers are threat to democracy."

Anon, lack of having verifiable and honest elections is the threat to democracy. You're a kool-aid drinker. You have no idea what you're talking about - no intentions to back up your babblings with any hard evidence or statistics - and certainly not going to stop smoking that crack pipe. You look like a damn fool.

In all of these debates about whether or not to have voter-ID, the kool-aid drinkers never say anything but "disenfranchising the voters" and "everyone's racist". Somehow because they use the words "disenfranchise" and "racist", that magically we're supposed to buy into their rhetoric and that it makes everything perfectly believable.

Why do we even bother trying to convince these nuts that verifying the voter's ID is actually GOOD for the Republic?

I could never play any board game with these nuts. They're the type who want to roll the dice in their pockets and expect you to believe what the dice said without seeing it for yourself.

They're nothing more than cry-baby cheaters.

Xavier Onassis said...

The poll workers were uninformed, unwilling to educate themselves and blatantly making up "requirements" out of thin air. They were preventing a legal citizen from exercising his right to vote. Their actions had no basis in the law. Their actions were clearly illegal. Had they done as the law required, there would have been no incident.

James said...

XO - You are correct, the poll workers were wrong. But that doesn't justify spazzing out by Lindsey. Again, why could he not have calmly handled the situation as he did in February by giving them the idea they requested for, casting his ballot, and then explaining to them that what they did was incorrect and supply them with the copy of the rules that he pre-armed himself with?

He went there to make a scene on purpose, a scene which could have been easily avoided had he acted rationally. He could have even contacted the local dem party and offered his services as a poll watcher which the party has a legal right to do.

Again, these poll judges were democrat and republican and this was clearly an issue of them being uneducated. When they called the election office to educate themselves, Lindsey was already spazzing out.

James said...

As a follow up, I'd like to offer our services to Mr. Lindsey. On November 4th, I will come to Mr. Lindesy's home (or a nuetral place of his choosing) and bring my Sony XDCAM. Together we will go to his place of polling so he can cast his ballot using state approved forms of ID.

We will record the entire event in full 1080P and post to YouTube. We will do this for him at absolutely zero cost to him.

The challenge has been made. Now let us see if Mr. Lindsey takes us up on it.

Xavier Onassis said...

I read his account of the incident...I know, just one side of the story. But I don't consider Fox to be a reliable source of news, especially on one of their hot button agenda items like this one. I cannot say whether there was any "spazzing" or not.

But according to his account, he did in fact present them with a copy of the rules which they refused to even read.

Mr. Lindsey was under no legal or even moral obligation to comply with an illegal request. In fact, I would stipulate that in a democratic republic, it is the duty of every citizen to refuse to comply with illegal requests, especially one such as this that impinges on his right to cast a vote.

I was not there, and neither were you. Neither one of us can speak with authority to the appropriateness of the behavior of anyone involved.

But what is crystal clear, is that he was right and they were all wrong. Everyone of them.

That is beyond dispute.

Ed said...

"they were all wrong. Everyone of them."

You got that right - all of them, including Mr Spasmatic.

Anonymous said...

Some additional reading, other than just Fox, might be in order:

James said...

Teh original post contains the Star link.

However, it is nice to see these other ones as they all seem to confirm what we suspected. Lindsey was spazzing out.

"[T]he employee reported hearing someone screaming in the background while on the phone with the election judge. The judge requested that help be sent from the election office. Davis said when another employee called the judge, screaming also could be heard coming from Lindsey."

So 5 independent sources confirm Phill Lindsey was going bat shit.

Anonymous said...

For more on the story, go to new online site Includes comments from JaCo Election Board and MO SOS office: