Thursday, July 3, 2008

Why Some Users Still Prefer Dial-up

The blog takes a look at a study that sought to discover why some users refuse to make the jump to high speed Internet.
62% of dial-up users say they are not interested in giving up their current connection for broadband.

We're guessing that's about the same number of people that refuse to purchase color TVs, FM radios, and touch tone telephones. We kid only because we care.


George said...

Dialup is still a valid backup and you can't take broadband with you. It's fixed at your location. Granted many places now have wi-fi hotspots.

I have a complaint. Given 25 to 35% of internet users are still using dialup, why are websites not designed for this? Sites are now designed for mobile users on cell phones, but not for dialup. It is like they want to tell dialup users to go away and could care less that their excessive graphics render dialup almost useless.

This is the country that makes spanish the de facto second language because half of the latinos don't speak English. That would make 7% of the nation spanish speaking. Yet that 7% is enough to get the nation to acknowledge a second language.

If websites treated dialup users as well, more people would keep dialup. But that would be bad for business because you can't ram as many ads down users' throats if they didn't have broadband. Funny, how the good of the internet requires forcing all to broadband, but the good of the nation does not require forcing assimilation. But I digress.

Finally, do broadband companies still provide a complimentary dialup account for backup? I remember this a few years ago, but I don't think they do any longer. If this is the case, it does provide an opportunity to little guys like KCnet to keep providing quality dialup.

emawkc said...

FM Radio?!? What kind of backward county hicks still use radio???