Thursday, July 3, 2008

When Hollywood Attacks

Movie goers attending this week's big release, Hancock, can expect to get a peak at Hollywood's next big propaganda film, The Day the Earth Stood Still.

This time the aliens aren't here to warn us against nuclear weapons or nationalist wars. Nope, their big concern this go 'round is global warming. That's right. Super intelligent and apparently handsome aliens capable of interstellar travel find it crucially important that they visit the six billion year old Earth and kill off all the humans because if they don't those pesky humans will kill the it.

Aliens must think we are stupid for not supporting big government tax increases that are supposed to stop global warming, er 'climate change'. They must think we are stupid to think that even if global warming were real, despite all the thousands of scientists who believe otherwise, that the increasing temperatures and rising sea levels would kill off humans, thereby fixing the problem, long before the Earth would die.

The Earth has survived massive meteor strikes, two ice ages, and a whole host of life ending catastrophes, but it is humans that will be the death of her. Give us a break.

Of even greater concern is that apparently much smarter races than ours still haven't figured out how to accurately predict weather patterns. That's not very good news for our local meteorology friends, like Katie Horner.

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