Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Time Warner Cable Out of Bandwidth in KC

Aaron Barnhart over at the TV Barn is pissed at Time Warner Cable.

Aaron bought a Series 3 Tivo which is capable of recording HD programs and connecting to any cable system by using a technology known as the cableCARD. He likely made the jump to the cableCARD, because like many Americans he thought it would free him from the ridiculous equipment rental charges and DVR fees charged by cable companies.

So why is he pissed? It's not because TWC is outsourcing more KC jobs. Nope, it's because Time Warner Cable decided it no longer needs to support cableCARDs despite the Telecommunications Act of 1996's mandate that all cable companies fully support and offer cableCARDs to their customers by July 1, 2007.

"We're totally out of bandwidth," [Damon Porter of Time Warner Cable] said, "and the only way we can reclaim more bandwidth is to go to switched digital. "The overwhelming number of our customers want more HD programming, so to stay in the game when all our competitors are adding more HD programming, we've got to do that."

The problem is that switch digital video isn't supported by cableCARDs. Thus, all the channels TWC moved to their SDV system won't come in for cableCARD customers, rendering their third-party HD receivers virtually useless for HD programming.

So what is Time Warner Cable's solution to the problem that has crippled television service for nearly 1200 customers? That's right, they're telling them to switch back to their rented equipment and pay TWC their vigorish. I guess they expect Aaron to toss his $600 Tivo Series 3 in the trash.

Our suggestion to Aaron and the other 1200 customers affected by Time Warner Cable's failure to build a sufficient network, check out DirecTV. Last we checked, they had over 95 HD channels at significantly less cost.


"The D" said...

HAHAHAHA! Those Time Warner SUCKERS! I've been with Direct tv for over 4 years. Not counting the time that I was with them while I lived is The Lou.

Directv Is a far superior product. It like going from a Pinto to a Jag.

Thy have OVER 95 HD Channels id you count the Ondemand and PPV movies.

Depending on what package you get the cost is cheaper if you price them out per channel including HD.

Anonymous said...

"the only way we can reclaim more bandwidth is to go to.."

how do they reclaim more bandwidth? you either get more bandwidth by expanding your network capacity or you reclaim occupied bandwidth.

this is probably a dumb question but what affect will this lack of bandwidth have on my cable internet?

i am so tired of these idiots. they already screw with my vonage phone service by blocking my box's mac address every other day making it near useless.

Ed said...

maybe they need to cut back on how much bandwidth they allocate for road runner?