Wednesday, July 16, 2008

KC's Growth Strategy Continues to Pay Dividends

Some new data has city managers from other major metro areas taking a second look at KC.

KC's revitalization efforts that have taken place over the last few years have resulted in countless vacant lofts, bankrupt housing developers, and the closure of some long time downtown businesses. Now Kansas City can hold it's head up high as it appears they have improved upon these successes by focusing on more traditional population growth strategy... killing off what few citizens left that are still willing to live in the city.

Kansas City's murder rate is up nearly 7% over this time last year.

Both the Mayor and City Manager Wayne Cauthen hope this new growth strategy will help the city manage its explosive population growth.

In other news, Johnson County, KS was rated the #3 best place to raise a family in the country and Olathe made the list of the top 25 fastest growing city's, coming in at number 24. Olathe's placement topped Overland Park, who along with Shawnee also made the top 100 fastest growing cities in the country.


Anonymous said...

Blogger, could you give us a breakdown of the murder statistics, victims and perpetrators, in terms of racial and ethnic makeup?

Xavier Onassis said...

Numbers alone don't tell you very much.

You have to dig deeper and look at who is killing who, why the killings are taking place and where the killings are taking place.

Are there strong and active neighboorhood watch groups working closely with the police to report criminal behavior in those area?

Do citizens in those areas come forward and testify in court against the perpetrators of the crimes when they are apprehended and prosecuted?

Numbers are just numbers. They don't tell you the whole story.

George said...

Unless you have numbers to the contrary, I am going to guess, with a high degree of certainty, that the murders are being committed by and against minority folk from the inner city. It is the same problem nationwide in any city with a substantial minority population. Which is probably why the murder rate in Seattle is less than DC.

It is also the reason why gun violence is so high in DC and similar places while virtually non existent in countries like Switzerland where gun ownership is high and minority populations low.

Anonymous said...

For heaven's sake, don't mention the gun violence in D.C. (where there was a BAN on handguns that obviously didn't save any lives) in contrast to Switzerland to xavier. He's still in the dreamworld that because law-abiding citizens can now lawfully own a handgun in D.C. that we'll have grandma's packing bazookas down the streets in DC wearing cowboy attire.

For cripe's sake, don't get xavier started. He's scared and paranoid enough.

george said...

I am saying that if everyone in the USA owned a gun we would have a higher crime rate than Switzerland, Norway or any other gun owning nation that doesn't have our population demographic.

Anonymous said...

George...let me guess, you are a racist idiot?? Demographics?? Try Poverty.....

george said...

Are there not poor people in Switzerland and Norway? Are there not poor people in rural Missouri? Are there not poor people in Appalachia? Yet you don't see the murder rates like you do in DC and Chicago, where the Governor is considering calling out the National Guard to help quell the violence.

Nightmare said...

I say we ask Rudy to come to KC and do a NY style clean up!