Tuesday, July 15, 2008

KCMO School District - Putting Greed Before Education Since 1867

The battle between the Kansas City School District and Independence over seven schools is heading back to court.

The schools were bought and paid for by Kansas City taxpayers. Those taxpayers voted to give the schools to Independence. Independence voters also approved acceptance of the seven schools. What's the problem here? It seems to be a simple matter.

Why must we continue to have to hear about this issue on a daily basis? We know the KCMO school district loves to be the center of the local media, and they have done a hell of a job of doing just that over the last several decades, which is one of the major reasons we can't bring ourselves to watch the local news stations anymore, but this is getting absurd.

The taxpayers, and rightful owners of the seven schools, have spoken. Be done with it already and start focusing on teaching your teachers to teach. Lord knows the KCMO school district needs all the help they can get in that department.

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Anonymous said...

Kansas City has a long history of pissing off the communities around it.

Raytown, Independence, Gladstone...

It got so bad a few decades ago that Raytown even refused to have the same cable provider as KC because there was such earlier bad blood about KC gobbling up the land around it.

So is it any real surprise that KC wants to drag out the transition as long as possible so when the school year starts KC can sit back and gloat about how Independence is failing at getting the seven schools successfully started?

Reminds me of a divorcing couple.