Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kay Barnes Abandoning Latinos for Political Expediency

Tonyskansascity brings us exclusive information about former Kansas City Mayor Kay Barnes' campaign for US Congress that has the local Latino activist community up in arms. In the image above, courtesy of tonyskansascity, you can see portions of the flyer the Kay Barnes campaign has been circulating attacking her opponent, Sam Graves' record on illegal immigration.

On, Kay's campaign site, she writes:

More than 5 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States since Graves and President Bush took office together in 2001. We all know that unsecured borders and attractive jobs are what draw immigrants. That’s why securing our borders and cracking down on lawbreaking employers must be our top priority.

Congressman Graves talks tough on immigration, but he’s really exploiting the issue for political gain while undermining our efforts to fix the problem... We need a Representative who will work to fix the immigration problem by strengthening our borders and enforcing our laws. And we especially need someone who will oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants, and for lawbreaking employers.

We couldn't agree more with Ms Barnes. Unfortunately, when she talks about "exploiting the issue for political gain" she might start by looking in the mirror. In her eight years as Kansas City's mayor, what did she do to help solve the problems of illegal immigration?

In fact, it was under her watch that KC Police Chief Corwin publicly resisted using local law enforcement to help with illegal immigration enforcement. It was also under her watch when officials at the Westside CAN Center created a day labor plaza for illegal immigrants. A day labor facility where local law enforcement conveniently forget to enforce the law.

Time and again Kay Barnes sat silently by while her city became a defacto 'sanctuary city' for illegal immigrants, but now that she wants to win a congressional seat in a heavily conservative district she has a new found hard line approach to illegal immigration. We just aren't buying it.


Anonymous said...

She is linking Graves to Bush because of their republican party association. This might work with the uninformed voter. But anyone who follows this issue knows that Bush-republicans are more closely aligned with Kennedy democrats on their open borders positions than they are with conservative republicans like Graves and Jeff Sessions.

My guess is this is part of the democrats exploiting the diminishing value of the republican brand. Since Bush has killed the republican brand on deficits, foreign policy, trade, immigration, etc., anyone with an 'R' after their name must be as bad. Basically the convervatives are going to take it up the butt because of what the neocons have done to the party.

Xavier Onassis said...

Despite what some would have you believe, the hispanic population in this town and its "leadership" is irrelevant. They make up less than 7% of the population and they have no real leaders. Just pockets of power held by small time wannabes.