Friday, July 25, 2008

Kansans Trying to Stay Red

Democrat supporters in Kansas are probably asking themselves today the same question Thomas Frank asked the country a few years back, "What's the matter with Kansas?"

Stay Red Kansas is reporting that all three major Republican candidates in KS out raised their Democrat opponents by nearly $1,000,000. The figure includes fund raising for Republicans against two incumbent Democrats, Dennis Moore and Nancy Boyda.
Big Winner - - This award has to go to Nick Jordan. Jordan raised over $480,000 during the previous three months. For those keeping track at home - that's the single largest fund-raising quarter in Kansas history for a Congressional candidate. Jordan's potential success motivated the Moore-machine to post their biggest number yet of this election cycle - and it was still a full $145,000 behind Jordan's total. Great work.

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Ben said...

didn't Kansas spark Pastafarianism?