Wednesday, July 23, 2008

JoCo Republicans Battling it Out at the Lowest Levels

With the Republican Party fracturing between classic liberals, like those that supported Ron Paul, social conservatives, like those that support Phill Kline, and so-called moderates, like those who want to spread democracy at the end of a gun, party activism is seeing a resurgence.

At the lowest levels of the Kansas GOP a fight is waging for precinct committeemen. The precinct committeemen were responsible for placing Phill Kline as JoCo's DA when Paul Morrison vacated the office, as it is their duty to fill Republican held offices that become unexpectedly vacated midterm. They are also responsible for selecting district delegates, and every four years, state delegates that will attend the Republican National Convention and help pick the party's nominee.

Although, a minor position, controlling the Republican Party's direction in Kansas falls at their feet.

The KC Red Star points out contacts among both conservatives and moderates where voters can find out who each is supporting in their locales. Unfortunately, classic liberals do not yet have a system in place to advocate for their candidates (one is coming however, the Hope for America Coalition hopes to do just that).
Wright said his organization, which backs GOP moderates, will be sending out postcards this week targeted to Republican voters in each precinct where there is a race. The postcards will state which candidates KTRM supports. He said voters can also call his office at 913-221-8180 to find out.

Conservatives can go to a Web site run by Kansans for Life — — type in a name and ZIP code and see that group’s endorsements. The group also plans a postcard campaign and can be reached at 913-642-5433.

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