Friday, July 25, 2008

Give Me a Break: Stossel Takes on Former 99.7 KY Jocks

The TV Barn has a nice post on ABC's John Stossel's Give Me a Break segment which will air during tonight's episode of 20/20 and will feature KC's own old fogey DJ's from KY (not of the jelly variety) fame, Max and Tanna.
"That John Stossel would standing athwart the EEOC yelling "stop!" is not exactly news, even though it's airing on a news program. Still, that's not even the silliest part. Tanna Guthrie is working in radio again ... for the same company that fired her! The EEOC complaint is still not resolved, yet the defendant, Entercom Communications, has hired Guthrie to work at another of its stations."

So here's to you Tanna, for having the guts to stick by your guns against your evil corporate masters who clearly weren't all that concerned by your impending onset of osteoporosis.

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