Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yael Wants to Make Tabacco Illegal

Okay, so it's really starting to feel like we're picking on Yael a little too much lately, but with opinions like his latest, what else is a local blogger to do?
Let's make cigarettes illegal...

It's a waste of money.

It's bad for the health of the smoker.

It's bad for the health of other people around the smokers, including children at home.

It makes clothes, cars and houses smell.

Huh. I wonder where we've heard that before? I'm pretty sure we said something similar. In fact, didn't we actually write a sample ballot question?
Shall the City of Kansas City prohibit the sale of tobacco and tobacco related products, for the purpose of promoting public health by decreasing citizen’s exposure to first and secondhand smoke and creating smoke free environments for workers and citizens through regulation, until all businesses located in the Missouri counties of Jackson, Platte and Clay, and the Kansas counties of Johnson and Wyandotte are authorized by ordinance to permit the lawful use of tobacco products within their establishments?

Where are all the registered voters in Kansas City, MO that just happen to be smokers as well? We need five of you to sponsor our initiative! Seriously, contact us. Let us make with the boat rocking.

We fully expect Yael to be first in line to offer up his name as co-sponsor.

P.S. In case it hasn't been said before, we at the Kansas Citian are not, nor were we ever, smokers. For some crazy reason we just seem to have a strong desire to protect our liberties.


Ed said...

Ya know, if KC is going to ban smoking in certain places, then why again do they have their hands out ready to gobble up all the tax revenues from the sales of tobacco?

Surely, all that money isn't going to buy oxygen bottles for the dying smokers and anti-smoking education.

I am completely for banning the sale of all tobacco products within the city limits of Kansas City. If the city hates tobacco this much, they shouldn't profit from the sales of it.

James said...

Are you a KCMO registered voter? Can we put you down as a co-sponsor?

Nick Sloan said...

You know, I'm a newspaper reporter at another paper, so I may be a little biased. But it cracks me up that for a paper that holds up the "freedom of the press card," it seems like they really don't care too much about other freedoms unless it fits in their agenda.

Xavier Onassis said...

I think Yael would look very sophisticated and debonair with a hand carved pipe or a Cuban cigar shoved up his ass.

Bull E. Vard said...

I don't think it's very nice of you guys to make fun of someone who has ridden the short bus all of his life. Are you not aware of Yael's exploits on the national stage that is the Special Olympics? I think we should just let Yael speak his mind and we can just be proud that he forms complete sentences.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Yeal. Lets make cigarettes illegal. There's no good from it except an adiction.

Most adults don't think beyond the little blue box that they are in.
They don't see how children are effected by cigarette smoking or just don't care until their space is invaded.

Anonymous said...


the same can be said of red meat, fast food, porn, beer, hard liquor, tv, myspace, entertainment tonight, jerry springer and oprah, and a santa-claus-list of others.

when you watch the movies demolition man & escape from l.a., do you cheer on the governments depicted, and salivate at the notion of government-induced oppression?

paintman... you're drooling again. stop it.

Anonymous said...

you are basing a argument on a movie...........how silly you are.

anon...........time to stop thinking more of you.

Anonymous said...

movies are indeed silly.

paintman, your still drooling...