Monday, June 30, 2008

Who Needs Science When You Have Hollywood

You might remember when we told you about all of those thousands upon thousands of scientists refuting the so-called evidence of global warming. You might even have noticed that the political forces that advocate massive tax increases to fund programs designed to halt global warming stopped calling it global warming and have instead embraced 'climate change' because they can't seem to decide if things are warming or cooling.

The science behind global warming is of little importance when you have Hollywood in your back pocket. The box office summer of '08 has become the summer of global warming propaganda.

Whether it's trees killing off the human race in The Happening or evil Wal*Mart clones working to make us fat and lazy so that they can rape and pillage the earth in Wall E, if you go to a movie this summer, expect it to be chock full of global warming. We haven't yet seen Will Smith's latest flick Hancock, but we're guessing it to will be just as laced with global warming B.S.

Hollywood - proving once again that if you can't prove it to 'em, brainwash it into 'em.


Xavier Onassis said...

"...proving once again that if you can't prove it to 'em, brainwash it into 'em."

Gee, where on EARTH would they have stumbled across THAT idea?

Iraq had WMD?

Iraq was responsible for 9/11?

We will be greeted as liberators?

Major hostilities are over...mission accomplished?

At least the SCIENTISTS (people who deal with actual facts) warnings didn't get 4,000 people slaughtered half a world a way.

Go sell crazy somewhere else.

DISCLAIMER: Actually, this is your blog. I'm just an angry commentor. So I guess you can sell crazy all you want right here. So just disregard that last sentence.

James said...

You won't find any defending on neo-con propaganda here either. There is no doubt in my mind what the Iraq War was about and it wasn't WMD or oil.

BTW, Last summer was the summer of anti war on terror. Movies come to mind like Lions for Lambs (yep, all the Americans signing up to fight in Iraq are really liberal anti-war advocates who want to fight to prove how wrong fighting is), Rendition (Um, wasn't it Clinton who brought us renditions, not Bush, not that we'd defend neo-con tactics either.), Stop-Loss, etc...

We're not saying putting propaganda in your films is right or wrong, just pointing out how they aren't even trying to hide it anymore.

Anonymous said...

i love global warming. i'm sitting on future beach-front property right here in missouri. all those rich hollywood types will pay out the nose for my little piece of heaven sitting on the future coast of the gulf of mexico! bwahahahaha!

i love doing everything i can to piss off libs. i routinely try to kill any animal in my path on the road, i smoke big fat cancer-ridden cigarettes, and i'm not ashamed to change my oil in my gas-guzzlin' car right next to the missouri river.

people like myself are so sick of hearing the democrat-driven-doomsday predictions that we just don't give a rats ass anymore. why be scared? even if they're right, we're so sick of being scared that we might as well enjoy it while we can.

hell, gays in san fran get rid of their fear of aids by just getting it over with and screwing whatever they can until they get "the gift" so why not follow their example?

i've got a lot to benefit from global warming (cooling, change, wtf-ever) so i'm good.

and they just said on the news that sun-screen ain't worth a damn so that makes it all the funnier! bwahahahahahahahahaha

burn baby burn