Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Strikes Becoming All the Rage in Hollywood

Not wanting to feel left out, members of the Screen Actors Guild, otherwise known as filthy rich, elitist actors, are threatening to walkout if their demands are aren't met.

Earlier this year Hollywood writers went on strike over DVD royalties. The strike crippled television networks and left the first half of 2008 devoid of new shows. The backlash from the writers strike has poured into the summer season leaving another void to be filled during a time when most networks test new dramas.

Now the actors are getting their turn. Talks of walkouts have already caused many major motion pictures to halt production; Transformers 2, Angels and Demons are just two examples. Television shows are also being hit hard. Fox's 24 has already announced they have canned this season. Other fall shows like Gossip Girl, Army Wives, and The Closer are in mid production and in danger of being unable to finish.

Even High School Musical 3 is in danger of not being completed if they can't complete shooting by July 1.

Can Hollywood survive nearly twelve consecutive months of no new shows? We don't know, but what we do know is that it's probably a good time to pick up some Amazon stock as novels are probably going to make a big comeback this fall.

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Ed said...

We got used to have nothing good to watch on TV anymore. Might as well strike. *yawn*