Monday, June 16, 2008

Shocking Sex and Drug Allegations About Obama

BMW has posted a link to a video posted on YouTube on January 18, 2008. In the video an Illinois man levels allegations about Barrack Obama's sexuality and drug abuses.

The video has zero evidence to backup these claims. Let us repeat, zero evidence!

The vigilant fact checkers we are, we quickly clicked on over to Obama's site to see what they say about the tape and its allegation's of gay sex and crack and cocaine abuses. Unfortunately, the site is silent on this issue.

We will be watching closely on June 18th, when the poster of this video claims he will release the evidence in his possession that supports his claims and bring it to you here.

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Xavier Onassis said...

They could all be true, I don't care.

He's the best candidate for the office and I'm voting for him.