Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Read My Lips...

...I will not seek the office of District Attorney for Johnson County, Kansas in 2008.

“Elected office is not the only manner in which one can engage with passion the significant issues of the day and after my tenure as district attorney I will engage other opportunities in which to do so[.]”

Maybe he was just playing with our emotions, because last night Mr. Kline announced he will be running for re-election in 2008.

[D]espite powerful political and corporate opposition, I will continue what my oath requires - to uphold the rule of law even when it is against powerful special interests such as the Kaufman house or Planned Parenthood.

Here's our oath, Mr. Kline. We vow to support candidates who recognize the real problems Americans are facing today.

We'd like to know if Mr. Kline is aware that we are fighting two different wars against a nation-less enemy, that the wages of American workers are being suppressed by the effects of offshoring and illegal immigration, that our fledgling economy is nearing a breaking point thanks to energy and food costs that are spiralling out of control, that nearly forty million Americans can't afford health care thanks to an insurance system that restricts competition, that our school systems are failing and nearly 30% of the class of 2008 will not graduate?

With all the problems facing Americans today, the abortion debate doesn't even warrant the small space this post is wasting. We look forward to casting a vote against Mr. Kline in the very near future.

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flymorgue2 said...

Perhaps his impact on the abortion debate doesn't rise to the level of the influence that the next DA can have on the WOT, but exploring the financial connections between Tiller and Sebelius certainly is part of the job description.