Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Metallica - Out of Touch Since 1992

The heavy metal band Metallica, who spent the last 16 years re-releasing their hit song Enter Sandman with different lyrics and calling it a new album, became the face of the anti-music sharing movement in the late 90's when they lashed out against Napster.

Facing an ever dwindling fan base and poor sales, what else could they do but blame MP3s? I mean, come on, Enter Sandman is a great song. Who wouldn't want to buy it over-and-over-and-over again?

It's close to ten years later and Metallica finds itself unable to turn their new found middle-aged angst into new album sales. So once again Metallica has turned its blame to the intertubes.

What's the problem now, you ask? Bloggers. Yes, that's right stupid bloggers. They keep saying Metallica's new music is shite and that's just not fair. So stop blogging about their music you uncivilized monkeys!

1 comment:

Metallicuh said...

Why can't Metallica just come to grips that they're not all that great anymore and ought to start playing at family reunions, barmitzvahs, and weddings?

Enter Sandman rules! All 42,758 versions of it!