Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Larry Sinclair Press Conference Details

We will not post the entirety of Mr. Sinclair's press conference, but you can read the details here. However, we will post pertinent info that can be used to refute Sinclair's claims if you are truly that bored.

Driver of limo - Paramjit Multani
Limo company - Five Star Limo
Dates - Nov. 5 - 7, 1999

Telephone numbers Sinclair claims a "Mr. Young" called and revealed intimate details of Sinclair and Obama's encounter:

Openly gay choir director of Trinity United who was murdered on Dec. 23, 2007: Donald Young

So, there you have it. Happy digging. We aren't wasting our time. Seems like a nut to us.

UPDATE 4:45 pm: Although the limo drivers name was not publicly released by Larry Sinclair until today, "I asked the limo driver – whose name I now reveal for the first time – Paramjit Multani," a blog comment dated February 29th, on Big Head DC contained a link to a limo company the commenter, Richard no. 187, claims is owned by the driver. Surprisingly, it coincides with Mr. Sinclair's "evidence".

UPDATE 5:08 pm: Also a Rashpal Multani was the founder of a Five Star Transportation, Inc. registered in Illinois. The corp was created in April, 1999 and dissolved in early 2000. Possible relative?
File Number 60444633Status DISSOLVED
Incorporation Date (Domestic) 04/14/1999

UPDATE 5:17 pm: Final update. Evidence suggests Larry Sinclair received the name P Multani from commenters around the net who then researched the name uncovering all sorts of information about P Multani's. One, Paramjit Singh Multani was linked to Chicago around the time. In April Sinclair denied that Paramjit Multani was the name of the driver and said Obama surrogates came up with that name. Now he claims that is the name. We call BS on Mr. nut job Sinclair. However, we'd like to thank the loon for giving us something to blog about that that didn't involve the KCMO school district or Mark Funkhouser.


citizenwells said...

Do your homework.
I have.

Anonymous said...

There could be several Paramjit Multanis. I'd certainly be surprised if there's only one person by that name in the United States.

If I say John Smith in Illinois did something and someone asks me if it was John Smith in Florida, and I say no it wasn't John Smith in Florida, that doesn't mean I denied that John Smith in Illinois did it.

P Multani said...

1 - Paramjit Multani is not John Smith. This is the United States, not India. Look in your local phone book, their are probably 20 John Smith's. Innterested parties in this issue scoured the web for P Multani's int he U.S. They found four in the entire country. Not extacly John Smith.

2 - Citizen Wells, it is funny that you are posting here when it is your very site that contains the direct quote from Sinclair that denies the drivers name is Paramjit Multani.

What is it you said he said, oh yes. "Thought you should know I did not state the above was the limo drivers name. That is an assumption that internet warriors for Obama made and claimed."

He claimed in his press conference that that was the first time he released his name. Yet, as early as February Paramjit Multani's name was being circulated as the driver because Sinclair himself gave the name in a radio interview.

Lie after lie after lie.

BTW, why is it Sinclair didn't wear a suit to the press conference? Something about his giant man junk and a tumor or something?

P Multani said...

Oh yeah, the Paramjit Multani they found was in Chicago, not Florida. And yes, Chicago is in Illinios.

Anonymous said...

you left out this part of the guys denial on the name.

I can state that no I did not help this individual enter the US nor did I ever state he was my limo driver or that he worked for five star. I will tell you flat out this is not the driver