Monday, June 9, 2008

Knives Don't Kill People, People Do

In what is being called a "knife rampage," a Japanese man killed seven in a crowded Tokyo shopping district on Sunday. Reportedly the attacker used the intertubes to warn people before his attack.
"I will crash my car and when the car becomes unusable, I will use a knife. Good-bye, everyone!"

We're hearing there are concerned nanny-staters meeting at this very moment to try and determine what they can do here in the U.S. to prevent such a tragedy from occurring.

Where's the National Machete Association when we need them?

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yo mama hates libs said...

we need to ban all guns, knives, swords, baseball bats, tire irons, fingernail clippers, weed-eaters, rope, chains, spoons, pillows, keyboards, airplanes, gasoline, batteries larger than AAA, windmills, flour mills, donkeys, monkeys, house keys, killer bees, last but not least - common sense.