Thursday, June 19, 2008

Judge Reminds Kline What His Job Is

Just in time for tonight's open forum featuring Phill Kline and Steve Howe, the judge overseeing the Kelsey Smith case has some harsh words for JoCo's current DA.

The judge told the court that he had never handled a murder case that was so poorly handled by the prosecution. He reprimanded Kline for refusing to hand over key evidence to Edwin Hall's defense team.

“How long have they been asking for the video?” Ruddick asked Kline.

“Very early on,” Kline responded.

“How many court hearings have we had?” Ruddick asked. “Come on, Mr. Kline. Come on.”

Maybe if Mr. Kline spent a little less time breaking promises and going on snipe hunts through medical records he might be able to keep Edwin Hall behind bars where he belongs.

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