Monday, June 9, 2008

Illegal Aliens, Doing the Crimes Americans Won't Do

Bob McCarty Writes about the growing dominance of Mexican nationals on the FBI's most wanted list.

Through research on the FBI web site, I found 34 of 68 individuals wanted by the FBI for violent crimes, including murder, are natives of foreign countries. Twenty-nine of those are Mexican nationals while one each hails from China, Ecuador, Egypt, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

Perhaps these are those "alternate jobs" immigrant workers are finding that the associate director of the Pew Research Center was talking about in a recent report on immigrant workers and the housing recession.

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Ed said...

The silence from xavier onasis is defeaning on this blog. Hmmm....

But hey, what can we expect from illegals? That all of them would be law-abiding individuals from the time they stopped by a Southwest Cathredral to do confession after they broke the law getting in America to begin with?

Oh yeah - let's let 'em all in. Sounds great to me. It's not like we don't have enough criminals in here already. Might as well send this country down the tank even more with other countries' rejects and gutter-scum.

And why do we have to stop at just Mexico's, China's, and a few other's criminal garbage? Why not include more Russian Mafia too? Why keep it just amoung the so-called "minorities"? To apease affirmative action we really really need some white garbage too.

Libs make me sick.