Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Housework Will Get You Some

Experts are saying the if men do more chores around the house, like ironing, laundry, dishes, etc., it will lead to them getting more action from their spouses.
"A guy can be completely stressed out and want to have sex to burn it off, but women are not wired like that," says Coleman, who is also a member of the Council on Contemporary Families, a nonprofit research organization. Instead, he says, women need to feel relaxed in order to feel sexy -- and it's hard to unwind when there are chores to be done and a husband who's oblivious to them.

Unfortunately, these so-called experts (likely women) have it backwards. Men would feel more inclined to housework if women would spend a little extra time in the bedroom.

University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research found that men are doing much more housework than they used to.
[I]n 1976, men did about six hours of housework per week; in 2005, that had increased to about 13 hours. Women, meanwhile, decreased their weekly housework from 26 hours in 1976 to 17 hours in 2005.

Despite men doubling their share of the chores, we aren't hearing about the plethora of wives being generous with their goodies. In fact, in the U.S. 49% of marriages end in divorce, that's an all time high. Lack of commitment to the marriage and sexual problems are cited as two of the most common reasons for divorce.

So there you have it, sex sells. Women, if you put out, your man will be happier and do more chores, making you happier, which in turn will lower the divorce rate in America. Just more empirical evidence that it's all the women's fault.

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The man said...

It's about time somebody saw the truth! Amen and brother, I'll buy ya a beer!

Why is it that women want more and more and more from everyone else but put out less and less themselves??

Rather than believe some so-called scientific garbage sounded off by a woman, I'll tell ya why women are doing this:

BECAUSE THEY'RE SELFISH! (just like the rest of humanity)